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Nadeau Wildlife Area

Little Canada, MN USA


Playground Overview

Nadeau Park is a neighborhood park that is nestled in among trees, and within the park is a colorful PlayBooster® playstructure that welcomes children and families. Designed for kids ages 5 to 12, the playground offers many different play experiences to stimulate the senses. In addition to playground climbers and slides, the play space is equipped with swings, spinners and Bobble Riders® to engage visitors on and off the main playstructure.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $40K-$59K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Landscape Structures PlayBooster playground at Nadeau Park in Little Canada Minnesota.

[video: fade in to a child’s hands as they spin on the overhead Twister sinner wheel, fade out. Fade in to a zoomed in view of a boy’s feet as he climbs up the Cliff Climber, fade out.  Fade in to girl’s legs as she side steps across the Canyon climber, fade out. Fade in to a young girl as she leans on the seat of the Double Bobble spring rider, fade out. Fade in to a young girl as she stands and looks off into the distance, fade out.]

[video: fade in to a view of the park sign and playground with children playing in the background. The park sign reads: Nadeau Wildlife Area, City of Little Canada. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the entire play area with swing set, PlayBooster play structure and spring and spin riders. Camera pans up from ground level of the PlayBooster play structure with SkyWays shade overhead.]

[video: camera zooms in on a boy’s feet as he spins around on the foot disc for the overhead Twister wheel. Scene switch to a boy sitting on a SuperScoop digger as he digs in the sand. Camera zooms in on the scoop of the SuperScoop as the boy scoops up some dirt. Camera switches to a front view of the boy digging in the dirt with the SuperScoop. Camera zooms in on the sand as the boy scoops up some more sand.]

[video: Jim Morelan the director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Little Canada stands in front of the park sign and playground and speaks to the camera.]

Jim: We originally had an older structure in here, a wood structure that was built a little over twenty years ago.

Jim voiceover: Lately we saw the need to replace the wood structure that was here so, we budgeted some money to put up this new on here that went in a couple of months ago.

[video: children play on the elevated Canyon climber bridge between the two playground decks. Camera zooms in on a young boy wearing his hat backwards as he looks down and all around. Camera zooms in on a girl as she climbs across the Canyon climber. Camera switches to a girl wearing glasses as she slowly side steps across the Canyon climber. Switch to ground level view looking up at a boy and a girl as they stand and play on the Canyon climber bridge. Camera pulls back for a full view of the playground as children climb, slide, and run all around.

Jim voiceover: The park is getting a lot more use, we’ve got a few young families right in this neighborhood on this block and one just north of here. And we’ve got a daycare right up the street here that uses it pretty regularly.

[video: camera follows a young girl’s feet as she side steps across the Canyon climber. Camera comes into focus on a baby boy as he sits in a Full Bucket seat swing. A young girl gently pushes the baby in the swing. Camera switches to the playground decking looking down the Double Wave slide. Two children slide down the slide away from the camera. Camera briefly switches to Jim speaking. Switch to a mother holding a baby on her hip as she pushes a young girl on a swing. Camera switches to behind the swing set as the mother continues to push the young girl on the swing.]

[video: Donielle Olson with Frog Hop Childcare speaks to the camera.]

Donielle: The park before was really nice but I’ve noticed since there has been a new park I have seen more kids here than I’ve seen in the year and half and a couple months.

Donielle voiceover: So, it’s been the great improvement to the area and it’s brought the neighborhood closer together.

[video: children spin on the two overhead Twister playground spinners. Camera zooms in on the kids as they continue to spin on the Twister’s. Camera zooms in on the boy wearing his hat backwards as the spins by himself on the Twister. Camera switches to a side view of the swing set where a young girl gently pushes a baby in a Full Bucket seat swing.]

[video: top down view of a boy climbing up a Lollipop climber. Scene switch to the camera zooming in on a boy riding the Double Bobble spring rider by himself. Camera close-up of the playground stairs. Camera pas up the stairs as a child steps up onto the playground decking. Camera zoom sin on a girl as she climbs up the Cliff Climber. Camera pulls back for a full view as a boy reaches the top of the Lollipop climber to grab onto the Vibe hand holds. Camera switches to a young boy swinging in a Full Bucket seat swing. A woman bends down to smile at the young boy as she swings close to her face. The young boy smiles happily back at her.]

[video: camera pulls back for a full view of the PlayBooster playground as children play all around. Two girls slide down the double slide together. Camera switches to a top down view of the Double Slide. A young girl sits down at the top of the double slide. A young girl softly pushes a baby in a Full Bucket seat swing. Camera zooms in on the baby’s face as he continues to be pushed in the swing. Camera pans across the Canyon Climber to two children standing on the opposite playground deck.]

[video: A young boy plays in the sand with a SuperScoop. Camera switches to two boys spinning on the Twister spinners. Camera pans across the playground area as children run around and to different climbers. Scene switches to a boy climbing across the Canyon climber. A young boy dances excitedly next to the Marble sensory panel. A young girl sits on the Twister foot spinner and spins around and around. Side view of a young girl as she climbs up the Cliff Climber.]

[video: camera switches to the welcome playground sign with warnings and playground information. Camera switches to girl standing and using the SuperScoop and another girl uses the seated SuperScoop to play in the sand. Camera pulls back for a full panning view of children playing all over the PlayBooster playground structure. Fade to black. Text appears on screen reading: Better playgrounds, better world. Landscape Structures logo fades in over the top of the text.]

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