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Eldorado Park

Clearwater, MN USA


Playground Overview

The custom net system at Eldorado Park challenges kids ages 5 to 12 to climb to new heights and create their own routes through the expansive playground. The Global Motion® adds another dimension to play as kids can climb and spin by working together. The ZipKrooz® allows kids of all abilities to glide across the playground.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • October 2016
  • Min Area Required

  • 56' x 59' (17,07 m x 17,98 m)

  • Project Price Range
  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

[video: music begins. Fade into birds eye view of entire playground. Two boys climb to the top of a hemisphere cargo net climber. Four girls sit on top of a o-zone climber ring. A group of children climb through tunneled cargo net climbing structure.]

[video: birds eye view of all cargo net climbing structures on the playground. Close up of kids feet walking on large braided rope bridge. Older boy spins the global motion as several other children ride inside on the bottom and top level. Camera Close up of two boys sitting in top level of global motion as it spins.]

[video: two girls climb towards camera in cargo net tunnel. Young girl spins stationary hand cycler. Young girl speaks to camera while standing in front of cargo net.]

Young girl: My favorite thing about this Landscape Structure's playground is how we can do different challenges like, try not to fall or the floor is lava.

[video: camera switch to elevated view of children climbing all over cargo net play areas. Close up of group of children’s feet walking on large braided rope bridge. Camera switch to close up of young girl speaking to camera.]

Young girl 2: My favorite part about this playground is the giant swing and I really like the global motion.

[video: young girl pushes two other children as they lay down on Oodle swing. Young girl runs and jumps in slow motion. She grabs a bar and holds on as global motion is turning. Close up of young girls face as she sits inside global motion as it spins.]

Young girl 3 voiceover: I really like the global motion and I really like the Oodle swing. [video: Camera switch to young girl number two talking.]

Young girl 2: I really like about this park is how you can climb. [video: close up of child’s feet as they climb through cargo netting.]

Young girl 2 voiceover: And I really like the zip lines and the global motion. [video: full view of zip kruz bays with children playing. Camera switch to boy talking to camera.]

Boy: I'm thirteen years old and what I like about this playground is that it has a lot of climbing opportunities.

[video: boy climbs upside down inside cargo net tunnel. Panning left to right view of cargo play area with children climbing.]

Boy voiceover: So like people who like to climb stuff so they can actually do it hear instead of at their house.

[video: children scream and run around. Close up of young girl carefully making her way across rope bridge. Close up of young girl popping up in front of camera and speaking to camera.]

Young girl: I could do American Ninja Warrior.

[video: children glide on ZipKruz. Camera switch to close up of large group of children playing on global motion as it spins. Elevated view of to girls laying in Oodle swing as and adult pushes them. Young girl giggles.]

Young girl: Where going to hit you.

[video: young girl spins herself with one foot on stand up spinner. Camera slow motion of young boy pushing another boy in assisted bucket swing down ZipKruz. Mother pushes young girl down other ZipKruz bay. Fade to landscape structures logo.]


Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a 360 view of specific areas around the Eldorado Park in Clearwater Minnesota.

[video: camera is places in the middle of two ZipKruz bays. Young boy walks past camera with ZipKruz swing to platform.]

Young girl: I'll push you.

Young girl 2: No I'll push her.

[video: young girl pushes another girl in assisted bucket swing on ZipKruz to the high end of the gliding rail then quickly runs her back to the other platform on the opposite side. And then back again.]

[video: camera is place inside the top of global motion. A group of kids gather in the top of the global motion structure. As they get the structure moving from the main center pole they speak to each other.]

Young girl: Guys come on let’s all...ok.

[video: young girl leans over and waves to camera.] Young girl 2: Hi

[video: The kids get the global motion spinning faster. Young girl turns to camera and gives a thumbs up.]

Young girl: Guys lets walk around when we do it so everybody can be in it.

Young girl 4: What about me? It's so hard.

Young girl 2: Oh yeah it’s so hard Tory.

Young girl 3: Tory you stole my spot.

[video: young girl three pushes young girl 2 to move out of her spot. Young girl 2 leans away as she is being pushed.]

Young girl 2: Whoa whoa whoa!

[video: camera is placed inside bottom part of global motion while kids ride inside while others spin it from the outside.]

Young girl: I'll stand.

Young girl 2: I'm pretty light I guess. Tory is probably the strongest here except for this girl.

Young girl 3: No I am.

[video: camera is placed in the middle of a cargo net climbing area. Children climb all around and talk to each other.]

Young boy: You want to race.

Young girl: I can race.

Young girl 2: I can race.

Young boy 2: I can race.

Young girl 3: [cheering] Mia, Mia!

[video: camera is placed in a different area of the cargo net climbing area. Two boys at the top of the net shout across the playground.]

Young boy: What? No?... [laughing] What?! That? No!

[video: camera is place on the side of the Oodle swing as an adult pushes two girls that are lying down on the swing.]

Young girl: Whoa! [giggling]

[video: camera is places inside cargo net climbing tunnel. Kids climb all around and have a conversation.]

Young girl: This is so fun.

[video: young girl climbs right towards the camera.] Young girl 2: Hi camera!

[indistinct conversation]

Young girl: You never said climbing experience.

Young girl 2: Yeah we said to the spiny thing and back.

Young girl 3: Yeah to the spiny thing and back and obviously we won.

Young girl 2: Yeah so.

Young boy: I demand a rematch.

Young girl 2: Ok, demand a re match you get a rematch

Young girl 3: First one to win three races.

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