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Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School

Delano, MN USA


Playground Overview

After 20 years, Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School in Delano, Minnesota, replaced their playground with this vibrant PlayBooster® playstructure. Tunnels and slides anchor each corner, with plenty of activities for kids ages 5 to 12 packed in between. With all of the spinners, climbers and challenges like the Swing Out™ Overhead Event, kids’ feet will hardly have a chance to hit the ground. But when they do want to rest, Kaleidoscope Benches provide colorful seating. Installed underneath the playground is PebbleFlex® safety surfacing that features built-in games like four square and hopscotch.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $80K-$99K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Landscape Structures PlayBooster playground with PebbleFlex safety surfacing at Saint Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School in Delano Minnesota.

[video: fade in to a PlayBooster playground set next to brick school building as children run and play all around. Children scream and shout as they play. Camera close-up of a girl spinning around a playground post with the playground welcome sign blurred in the for ground. Camera pans across the playground where a Bongo drum panel and crawl tunnel are located.]

[video: a boy swings towards and past the camera on the monkey bars. A boy hangs from the handle of the overhead track ride. Camera slowly zooms out from a boy that swings from handle to handle on the Ring Bridge. Camera close-up of children’s hands as they hold and swing on the Ring Bridge handles. Close-up of a boy’s feet as he steps from one disc to the next on the Disc Challenge bridge. Two boys walk past the camera on a Clatter Bridge.]

[video: Two girls wearing matching school uniform dresses spin on the Blender playground spinner. One of the girl mumbles indistinctly as she walks around the spinner. She runs to pushes the spinner as her friend hangs on, they both laugh as they spin faster and faster. A boy glides past the camera on the overhead track ride. A girl swings around on the Swing Out overhead wheel. The wheel stops moving, and she drops to the ground. Another girl jumps from the playground platform to spin on the Swing Out Wheel.]

Girl: You left me hanging.

[video: three kids sit underneath the playground decking in the shade. They smile, laugh, and wave to the camera. Camera pulls back for a full view of children playing all over the playground. A young girl spins herself on the Blender spinner. Two boys chase after each other across the playground. A boy slides down the SpyroSlide. A girl swings across the monkey bars as a boy glides across the overhead track rider. A group of children play four-square on the colored square PebbleFlex surfacing next to the playground. Camera gets closer to the children playing four square and pans down at their feet to the red square PebbleFlex surfacing. Camera pulls back for a full view of the kids playing four square. Camera close-up of a boy as he focuses closely on the game of four square he is playing. A boy sends the ball diagonally to another player. That player quickly reacts to send the ball sideways to the next player. Close-up of a boy’s feet as he shuffles around to reach the ball. Top down view of a boy as he plays four square.]

[video: A boy climbs up towards the camera on a Sky Rail climber. Top down view of the playground area from a playground platform. Children play all around on many different playground activities. Ground view of a girl as she walks across a curved balance beam. A girl quickly glides towards the camera on the overhead track rider. Camera pulls back for a view across the playground as a boy spins on the Blender spinner and two girls climb across the Disc Challenge Bridge. Close-up of a girl’s feet as she jumps to make the Wobble Pod giggle. Camera sits on the top of the Loop overhead monkey bars. A girl swings towards and under the camera.]

[video: two orange and navy striped trash cans sit in the foreground as children play all over the playground behind them. A young boy smiles down at the camera as he slides down the SpyroSlide. A second boy quickly slides down the SpyroSlide shouting [Yeah!]

[video: Top down view of the blue PebbleFlex surfacing with a hopscotch game printed in red. A boy jumps through the hopscotch course. Camera switches to ground level as a boy hops past on the hopscotch course. Ground level close-up pan on a boy’s feet as he jumps through the hopscotch course. Two boys shoulder to shoulder hold onto each other as they jump through the hopscotch course. Camera zooms out as a boy jumps on the hopscotch squares.]

[video: elevated view of the playground and four-square playing area. Children play all over the playground while a group of children play four square, fade to black.]

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