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Country Club Park

Salina, KS USA


Playground Overview

What could make an idyllic, tree-lined park even better? A cool playground, of course. Nature-inspired colors allow this PlayBooster® playstructure to blend into the beautiful scenery of Salina, Kansas. While families gather on park benches and picnic tables, kids ages 5 to 12 can scramble to navigate this linear collection of activities like the O-Zone® Climber, Gyro Twister®, the RingTangle® Climber and so much more. Block Climbers provide a great tool for balance practice, a springboard to other activities and a perfect spot to meet neighborhood friends.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range
  • $20K-$39K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the playground at the Country Club Park in Salina Kansas.


[video: the camera is attached to the gyro twister. As a girl spins herself she smiles and yells "Woo!" into the camera. A kid wears a point of view camera as they climb through the ring tangle climber. Camera is place on a full bucket infant seat as a baby faces the camera. A woman pushes the baby in the swing, she looks around and then smiles at the camera.]


[video: camera pans right to left of the entire playground. A young girl goes down the rush winder slide towards the camera as many children play on the rest of the play structure in the background. Camera pans across the side of the playground where children spin on the gyro twister and walk on and up the playground stairs. A older boy climbs towards the deck of the playground on the ring tangle climber. Camera zooms in on a child’s feet as they climb on the ring tangle climber. Three boys climb through the o-zone climber rings.]


[video: a mother pushes two babies in separate full infant bucket swings in the shade of a tree. Children play all around the main playground structure. A group of boys stand and sit on a cluster of block climbers. Two girls climb across the ring tangle climber away from the camera. A girl steps onto a block climber with one foot then lets herself down to the ground and walks away. Two girls stand and talk across the playground while a boy spins on the gyro twister. A group of boys sit in the shade on the o-zone climber. Three girls walk to the other end of the o-zone climber as a girl begins swinging on the overhead trekker ladder.]


[video: a boy in a red shirt slides down the rush winder slide past the camera, a boy in a black shirt situates himself at the top of the slide. Camera switches to top down view at the top of the rush winder slide as the boy in the black shirt slides away from the camera. Three boys run around the rush winder slide to the other side of the playground. Camera close up of a boy swinging rung to rung on the overhead trekker ladder. Children run all around the playground. Camera pulls back for a full side view of the ring tangle climber as children climb both ways all over it. the camera is attached to the gyro twister, a boy spins himself while smiling at the camera.]


[video: a close up view of a child’s feet as they step through the loops of the ring tangle climber. A top down view of the ring tangle climber as children climb and walk across it. A close up of two children’s feet as they stand and dangle off of the o-zone climber rings. A boy spins himself on the gyro twister. A boy leaning on a o-zone climber ring turns and looks at the camera.]


[video: a boy wearing a black shirt holding onto a post looks down at the camera and smiles. Camera zooms onto girls face as she lays across a o-zone climber ring and smiles at the camera. Camera comes into focus on a boy’s face as he stands and smiles at the camera. Another boy stands and smiles for the camera. A young girl sits in the shade on the ground looking out across the playground as children play. Fade to black, white text appears. Text reads better playgrounds, better world. Landscape structures logo scrolls up from the bottom of the screen.]

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