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Turnberry Park

Commerce City, CO USA


Playground Overview

Butterflies, caterpillars and flowers are the main attractions at this garden-themed playground. The PlayBooster® playstructures feature climbers and slides, for kids ages 5 to 12, underneath an array of flowers. A custom caterpillar invites kids to crawl over, under and through its tunnel system. The butterfly’s wings, made up of a net system bring kids ages 5 to 12 together to socialize and navigate this custom climber. The interactive panels keep kids engaged while searching for lady bugs, bees and ants throughout the playground. 

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • May 2017
  • Min Area Required

  • 23' x 26' (7,01 m x 7,92 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a butterfly, caterpillar, and flower themed PlayBooster playground at Turnberry Park in Commerce City Colorado.

[video: fade in to a close-up of a foot grip on the Cliff climber designed like a leaf with two lady bugs on it. Scene switch to view of a Garden Hunt counting play panel. An image of a lady bug, bumble bee and ant have abacus counters next to each of them for children to count as they find those bugs images around the playground. Scene switch to a playground barred barrier with colorful decorative Permalene cut outs of a flower and bumblebees. Quick scene switch to a view of the head of the caterpillar crawl tunnel. Fade in to a view of the top of a yellow Permalene panel with red vector designs of monarch butterflies. Vertical pan of the playground area with OmniSpin, Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel, and PlayBooster playground structure with large decorative flower posts.]

[video: A girl climbs down a leaf shaped stair stepper. A boy and girl push a young boy in a harness molded bucket swing together. A girl sits inside the shaded Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel. Full elevated view of the entire park and playground area. A boy kneeling at the Garden Hunt panel shifts the beads on the abacus counter for the bumblebee. A girl spins a boy on the Blender spinner. Side view of a boy as he swings on a swing set. A man walks over to the boy swinging. The boy swinging looks back and the man and asks: Hey do you want to try?]

[video: a boy shouts as he spins a girl on the Blender spinner. A group of children play on the Sol spinner on the opposite side of the Blender spinner. Camera switch to an elevated panning view from left to right of the two-side walk separated play areas. A man spins a boy on the Sol spinner. A boy sits in the shade underneath the playground decking watching the Color Splash Panel as it spins. A young girl speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Girl: I like the tulip because you spin faster and faster.

[video: overhead view of a girl as she spins a boy on the OmniSpin playground spinner. A young boy sitting inside of the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Boy: I like it because like there’s a whole bunch of stuff to play on.

Boy voiceover: and the spiny thing the red spiny thing, like you could spin it fast. We also like the butterfly because like it’s kind of like a spiderweb.

[video: elevated view of one of the playground structures with large decretive flower posts. Camera switches to children playing on the Blender and Sol playground spinners. A boy and a man work together to spin a large group of children on the OmniSpin playground spinner.  Aerial shot over the butterfly wing shaped rope climber as children climb. Ground level view of a boy as he climbs up the rope climber butterfly wing. A young girl lays on her stomach in the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel speaks to the camera.]

Girl 2: My favorite thingy at the playground is everything because it’s super fun.

[video: Elevated view of the Butterfly rope climber next to a play structure with climbers, slides, and large decretive flower playground posts. A second girl sits in the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel and speaks to the camera.]

Girl 3: It’s lots of fun and I really like the caterpillar.

[video: camera pans the length the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel sections. A girl sitting in the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel speaks to the camera.]

Girl 4: They keyboard over in the little playground because it’s musical.

[video: close-up of the young girl’s fingers as she flicks the different levers to hit the chime on the Xylofun panel. She plays the scale of the xylophone.]

[video: close-up of a child’s sneakers as they jump and walk up the flower shape stair stepper. Two boys swing on the playground swing set. A girl steps across the gap of the separated tunnels of the Caterpillar Crawl Tunnel.]

[video: back view of two boys as they swing on a swing set. Two girls spin together on the Sol playground spinner. Elevated view as a girl swings up towards the camera in a harness molded bucket swing. A group of children sit on the ground and on bench panels beneath the shade of the playground decking. They watch a Color Splash Panel as a child spins it from the opposite side. Elevated view of a group of children standing on the ropes of the Butterfly Wing climber.]

[video: a boy smiles and waves to the camera. Camera switch to a girl as she smiles and waves to the camera. Close-up of the side of a girl’s face wearing teal sunglasses. The side of the sunglasses in white writing reads: hashtag symbol playlsi and the Landscape Structures squiggly ribbon symbol.]

[video: full view of children playing on the garden themed PlayBooster playground structure with climbers, slides and play panels. Screen goes to black, Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading: For a better tomorrow we play today.]

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