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Dome Park

Addison, TX USA


Playground Overview

Get a taste of nature when visiting Dome Park. This nature-inspired playground design features the Canyon Collection® rock climbers in addition to slides, bridges and overhead events. In addition, tree truck-themed swings deliver swinging for toddlers while a Tire Swing is available for older kids. This natural looking playground design fits perfectly into the surrounding neighborhood!

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $60K-$79K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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See Color Inspiration

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the nature-inspired playground at Dome Park in Addison Texas.

[video: scene fades into the camera focused on purple flowers as children can be seen playing on a playground in the background. Scene fades to a view through the branches of a trees of the Dome Park playground. Scene switches to a view of a swing set post designed like a tree trunk with a butterfly carving on the side. The camera zooms in for a close-up of the colorful monarch butterfly carving. Scene fades to a full view of children playing on a playground. Scene switches to a boy sitting on a Store Front panel speaking to the camera bout the playground.

Boy: I love this park because it’s exotic and it has many features.

[video: camera switches to a different boy as he talks about his favorite part of the playground.]

Boy 2: [laughing] It’s like it has a tire swing and it has slides and all sorts of stuff.

[video: camera follows a boy as he slides down a playground slide. Camera switches back to a third boy as he speaks to the camera.]

Young Boy 3: The thing I love about this park is that it has bugs.

[video: camera close-up of a dragonfly carving on a playground rock climber. Camera switches back to one of the boys as she speaks to the camera.]

Boy 2: It has caterpillars, a lot of creatures and a frog.

[video: close-up of the caterpillar carving on a rock climber. Camera switches to a bat and frog carving incorporated into the rock climber. Scene switches to a side view of a girl crossing the Horizontal Ladder monkey bar set. Scene switches to two boys as they slide down a Gemini Slide. Camera switches to a front view of a boy as he slides towards the camera on the right Gemini Slide. The camera focuses on the edges of the realistic playground rock climber. Scene switches to three girls as they speak to the camera about the playground.]

Girl: I like this playground because it’s fun to climb on.

[video: top down view of the girl climbing up the rock climber. Camera switches back to the second girl as she speaks to the camera.]

Girl 2: What I like about the park is that it has swings and I like swinging.

[video: the three girls swing together on the playground Tire Swing. Camera switches back to the third girl’s as she talks about her favorite thing on the playground.]

Girl 3: And I like tire swing.

[video: side view of the girl’s swinging on the Tire Swing. Scene switches to a view of a girl as she swings across the monkey bars while some other girl’s play at the Image Panel. The camera focuses on a girl as she spins the two-colored spinning panels of the Image Panel. Camera switches to a view across the park of a boy and girl as they swing around on the Tire Swing. Scene switches as the camera focuses on a girl as she plays on a SuperScoop excavator shovel. Scene switches to a girl as she shouts into a Talk Tube. Scene switches to a view across the playground of a boy as he swings towards his friend on the monkey bars. His friend stands on the playground decking watching the boy swing on the rungs of the monkey bars. Camera switches to a young girl as she speaks to the camera.]

 Girl 4: I like the climbing, but I really like this park.

[video: children play on the different playground activities at Dome Park. Scene fades to a close-up of a dog panting while looking at the camera. Scene fades to a top down view of three girl’s spinning on a Tire Swing. Scene fades to the camera mounted to the tire of the Tire Swing pointing up towards the smiling girls that ride. Scene fades to a young girl as she smiles and waves to the camera. Screen goes black with the Landscape Structures logo in the center. The Landscape Structures logo is made of a red ribbon undulating above the text landscape structures. Text below the logo reads: For a better tomorrow we play today.]

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