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Brahan Spring Park

Huntsville, AL USA


Playground Overview

The Miracle League of North Alabama was delighted to open its baseball complex in August 2012. The complex includes the Everybody Can Play playground, which features an inclusive PlayBooster® Vibe® playstructure in vibrant colors and many multi-sensory playground components. Especially unique to the complex is a concrete statue of Homer, The Miracle League's official mascot, designed and sculpted by Landscape Structures.

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  • Project Price Range

  • $40K-$59K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

The Miracle League of North Alabama was delighted to open its baseball complex in August 2012. The complex includes the Everybody Can Play playground, which features an inclusive PlayBooster Vibe play structure in vibrant colors and many multi-sensory playground components. PebbleFlex safety surfacing was used on the playground and to construct the nearby accessible baseball field. Especially unique to the complex is a concrete statue of Homer, The Miracle League's official mascot designed and built at Landscape Structures.

[video: music plays. A full view of the Miracle League field from behind the fence of left field. On screen text reads: Up the path from this Miracle League field...]

[video: camera switch to a view of a fenced in Landscape Structures playground. Camera slowly zooms out for full view of playground. On screen text reads: this Landscape Structures playground.]

[video: camera close-up of Landscape Structures welcome sign inside the park. Camera zooms in to Landscape Structures logo on welcome sign. Camera switches to the left side of the playground structure with a view of the Cozy Dome and OmniSpin inclusive spinner in the background. Camera switches to the main accessible playground ramp onto the playground. Camera switches to a close-up of a customized bench with "The Miracle League" cut out of back of bench rest. Camera switch to sensory play wall with Optigear Panel with main playground structure in the background. Camera switches to the Oodle Swing with playground and sensory wall in the background. Screen fades to black.]

[video: fade into scene of a large navy-blue sign reading: Oscar Gray Field City of Huntsville Department of Recreation and Landscape Management. On screen text reads: back at the field...]

[video: A man lines up red baseball helmets on the ground outside of the dugout. Close-up of the man leaning baseball and softball bats against the outside of the dugout fence next to the helmets. Camera switches to a left to right pan of blue baseball helmets lined up outside the opposite dugout. Camera pans left to right of miracle league field from left field. On screen text reads: ...the game is about to begin.]

[video: a man leans down next to a boy in a wheelchair helping him to situate his baseball glove on his hand. Close-up of young boy in wheelchair as he smiles. Young boy in wheelchair roles himself across the field while wearing his baseball glove. Camera switches to a view of The Miracle league score board. Camera switch to the side of the miracle league pavilion.  A navy-blue sign on the brick pavilion reads: Johnny Franklin Field.]

[video: camera pans left to right down a line of parents, coaches, and players as they hold their hand over their hearts for the national anthem. Camera switch to the American flag with large trees with a sunset peeking through the trees. Camera pans right to left of parents, coaches, and players holding their hands over their hearts for the national anthem. Close-up of children lined up singing national anthem. Full view of base line and field pebble flex surfacing. Camera switches to a full view of a base and base line pebble flex surfacing. Close-up of green outfield pebble flex surfacing. On screen text reads: Pebble flex surfacing provided by...Landscape Structures. Camera switch to close-up of maroon and tan pebble flex surfacing of the infield.]

[video: view of entire miracle league with players and coaches on field from a hill behind left field. Camera switches to behind first base. A young boy stands on first base waiting for the batter to hit the ball. The pitcher pitches to the batter, and the batter hits a grounder to shortstop. Camera switches to a man holding the push handles of a young girl’s wheelchair waiting to go up to bat. Family and friends sit in the stands watching the games. A young boy stands on third base waiting for the pitch to be thrown. Close-up of young girls’ feet as she steps on third base. Camera zooms out to young boy running after a softball that has been hit on the ground down the third base line. A boy sits with his back to the camera on his assisted walker at the second base field position. Camera switches to behind the back stop as fans watch the game. Camera pans left to right of the Homer statue near the field. Camera pans the ground of the volunteer and donator names written on baseball plaques. Camera view from behind Homers head statue of the field as the game is played. Fade to black.]

[video: scene fades into a young boy as he winds up at bat to hit the ball. He hits a foul down the third base line and runs to first base. The crowd cheers. Camera switches to the large crowd gathered to watch the game on the bleachers. Close-up of young girl’s wheelchair wheels as they position her in the on-deck batter position. Close-up of young boy holding his bat up waiting for the pitch. He swings and hits the ball, he pauses then drops his bat and runs to first base. The crowd cheers loudly.]

[video: Doug Wood speaks to the camera just outside the field dugout.]

Doug: Yeah, my grandson plays here, actually I have two grandsons. One plays on Tuesdays one plays on Thursday.

Doug voiceover: Miracle League is the best thing ever anybody ever come up with for all these kids. But they all love it just like if it wasn't for this they wouldn't have any sports at all. We appreciate it more than anybody that would ever know.

[video: Boy sits in his assisted walker at the second base fielding position waiting for the ball to be pitched. Close-up of young boy wearing a red baseball helmet practicing his bat swings. A boy runs towards the camera to first base. A man helps to place a red baseball helmet on a young boy.

Camera switches to full view of the field from the hill behind the fence of left field. A young boy wearing a jersey with the number twelve on it steps up to the plate. He hits is bat on home plate and gets in his batting stance. Three volunteer girls speak to camera.]

Caroline Payne: I think it helps like bring the community closer together because we're all out here trying to accomplish one thing.

Caroline voiceover: To help them and help them get better and help them have like a good time and do things they wouldn't normally be able to do.

[video: A man in a red jersey pushed a young boy in a wheelchair to round first base and jogs him to second base. Young boy in wheelchair claps and smiles as he is pushed to second base. Camera pans left to right of volunteers and players lined up on the outfield fence for a group photo. Camera switches back to volunteers speaking to camera.]

Emily Hardy: This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

[video: a young boy at bat wearing a GoPro on his helmet swings and hits the ball into the field. He runs down the first base line as the crowd cheers loudly. A young boy in a wheelchair holds on to his baseball bat and waves it back and forth. Close-up of players tennis shoes as they stand on third base next to the third base coach. Camera switches to the miracle league banner flag of the side of the backstop. Players practice grounders on the field in the background. A young girl runs up to a girl standing on third base. The girl on third base takes off her pink batting helmet and hands it to her friend. The young girl takes the pink helmet and walks back to the dugout. The young girl on third base raises her hands in the air and waves them around. Fade to black.]

[video: scene fades into players, coaches, and parents lined up as they high five the opposing team. Camera close-up as people walk through the high five lines of both teams. A girl smiles and waves at the camera.

Camera switches to Doug and his grandson smiling at the camera. Camera pans up the Homer miracle league statue. Close-up as someone pets a bullmastiff dog as he pants and drools. Camera switch to young boy standing with a GoPro on his batting helmet. Close-up of miracle league score board, guests sixteen home five. Camera switches to a young girl and man holding hands walking away from the camera down the first base line. Fade to black. The Miracle League logo appears then a plus sign then Landscape Structure logo appears.

The Miracle League logo is made of a blue baseball home plate with a white circle with purple half-moon shapes make up a baseball with two yellow stars in the top right of the plate. A single purple star above the plate with an orange heart shape surrounds the baseball and yellow stars on the plate. Text below in orange and purple writing reads: The Miracle League. Landscape Structures logo is made of a red ribbon undulating above the text landscape structures.]

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