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NEW! ReviRock™ Bouncer

Model #295696

ReviRock™ Bouncer Overview

The ReviRock™ Bouncer provides bouncy, rocking fun to children of all abilities. There’s plenty of room for kids to lay down, sit, kneel, or stand as they experiment with the motion. ReviRock’s sculptural form adds an eye-catching flair to any play experience.



  • Multiple ways to sit or lay in bouncer
  • Fun for one child or several at once
  • Positioned at transfer height for universal access
  • Direct bury only

Developmental Benefits

  • Sensory
  • Proprioception, Tactile, Vestibular+
  • Motor Skills
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination, Core Body Strength, Flexibility, Motor Planning, Upper Body Strength
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Social/Emotional Skills
  • Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Social Skill Development
  • Learn about Developmental Benefits

Component Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Product Categories

  • Shipping Weight

  • 333 lbs
  • Design Standards


Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features Landscape Structures new freestanding play ReviRock™ Bouncer.

[video: scene fades into a boy and two girls as they sit and wiggle around on the purple circular ReviRock™ Bouncer. The camera focuses in on the children as they wiggle and bounce up and down on the spring bouncer. The camera pulls back for a full side view of the ReviRock™ as the children raise their hands in the air while wiggling all around. A woman hollers off camera.]

Woman off camera: Wooh whoo!

[video: the children stand, stop, and jump on the ReviRock™ bouncer. The camera focuses on the boy’s feet as he frantically dances on the bouncer. Scene switches to an elevated view of the ReviRock™ bouncer. A girl lays across the bouncer on her back as the boy grabs and shakes the bouncer by its blue side handhold.]

Woman off camera: There you go.

[video: with a top down view the young girl giggles as her braided hair jiggles hanging off of the bouncer. The camera focus on the side of the bouncer where a young girl sits in her yellow dress with white poke-a-dots. The children scream and shout as they bounce in all directions. The camera switches to a ground view up as the boy kneels on the bouncer grabbing one of the blue handholds. He pushes and pulls creating a swaying motion for him and the two girls on the bouncer.]

[video: the boy plays by himself standing and dancing on the ReviRock™ Bouncer. The boy switches to standing on the ground and holding onto one of the side blue handholds. He vigorously pushes the bouncer up and down. He lets go and watches as the bouncer continues to jiggle. Scene switches to all three children as they sit and play together on the ReviRock™. With a angled ground view up at the bouncers large base spring the children screech and giggle as they play. Scene switches as the camera focuses on the children’s feet as they dance and jump on the bouncer.]

[video: the girl in the yellow dress with white poke-a-dots stands next to the bouncer pushing it up and down to give her friend a ride on the ReviRock™ bouncer. The two girls now jump up and down making loud thud like noises as they play on the bouncer. Scene switches to the girl in the yellow dress as she lays on her stomach across the ReviRock™. The other girl standing on the side of the bouncer pushing and pulling to move the bouncer around. The camera focuses on the girl laying across the bouncer as she giggles and rides the bouncer. Scene switches as both girls lay across the bouncer on their stomachs giggling as someone wiggles the ReviRock™. The scene switches to both girls standing on the ReviRock™, the both jump off the bouncer.]

Girl: Blast off!

[video: scene fades in and out of black back to the three children playing together on the ReviRock™ bouncer. Scene fades to black.]

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