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Vista West Park

West Jordan, UT USA


Playground Overview

Kids ages 5 to 12 are delighted when they arrive at the colorful Vista West Park. The PlayBooster® playstructure with Vibe® roofs deliver a modern aesthetic to the tree-surrounded space. And with multiple playground slides, net climbers, bridges as well as freestanding play components engage families and friends for hours of play.


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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $60K-$79K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures PlayBooster playground with Vibe roofs, playground slides, and net climbers. This playground is located at Vista West Park in West Jordan Utah.

[video: elevated pan over view of the PlayBooster playground as children play below. Camera switch to ground level view of the playground as children climb on the ladder chain vertical climbing wall. Side view as the camera follows as two kids climb up the climbing wall. A boy steps up the pod steppers onto the playground as another boy steps across the Disc Challenge bridge. A girl walks up the playgrounds stairs.]

[video: a girl unhooks her feet from one of the rungs on the vertical ladder climbing wall. Three children slide down towards the camera on the Cloudburst three lane slide. Elevated pan over the top of the playground as children play on the many play activities. Side view of a boy as he climbs across the Seeker rope climber with belted stepping zones. A group of kids gather around a Stand-up spinner. All three boys hold on and spin together on the spinner. Top down close-up of the boy’s feet as they spin on the Stand-up spinner.]

[video: a boy and girl climb across the Disc Challenge bridge as another boy climbs to the top of the vertical chain ladder wall climber. Two boys climb up a rounded corner wall climber. The two boys climb down the Crest rope climber. Close-up of a boy as he climbs down the ropes of the crest climber. Side view of a boy and girl climbing on the Seeker rope climber. Top down view of the two kids as they climb on the Seeker rope climber.]

[video: top down view of a girl walking up to the playground stair hand rail. She makes a goofy face as she tries to do a chin up on the railing. She strains to lift herself up but release and begins to laugh. Fade to black.]

[video: fade in to a still image of a boy smiling while playing on the playground, fade out. Fade in to a still image of a group of children climbing on either side of the ladder chain vertical climbing wall, fade out. Fade in to a still image of a boy and girl spinning together on the Stand-up spinner. Screen goes black with a white Landscape Structures logo in the center. Text below the logo reads: Better playgrounds. Better world.]

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