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Seneca Park, Eli M. Schulman Playground

Chicago, IL USA


Playground Overview

Located just east of Chicago’s historic Water Tower Pumping Station, Seneca Park, Eli M. Schulman Playground provides an oasis from bustling Michigan Avenue. Standing tall, two custom tower playstructures are filled with unique climbing experiences to challenge children ages 5 to 12. Children can navigate between the towers on connecting metal playground climbers and across the SwiggleKnots™ Bridge. The fun continues with the colorful play equipment throughout the rest of the park including Noodle Pod® Steps and custom playground swings.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • May 2021
  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the playground at Seneca Park Eli M. Schulman Playground in Chicago Illinois.

[video: scene begins with a panning overhead view of a park playground surrounded by black fencing one small brick building and a parking lot. Families play on the long swing set and custom play structures. Scene switches to a girl as she climbs across a grid of black playground posts. Camera switches to an overhead view of a play area for younger children. Children climb and play on steppers and other unique artistic bridges and slides. The camera focuses on two girls as they step on disc platforms attached to green and blue arched playground posts. The camera focuses the children’s feet as they step across the foot discs and then onto circular stepping pods. Scene switches to a girl as she jumps up and down on a circular belted stepping area. The belting is stretched and connected by red cable to a circular red elevated pipping. The camera focuses on the girl’s upper half as she continues to jump.]

[video: scene switches to a full elevated view of two custom playground tower structures. One a blue triangle shape structure and the other a red square like structure that widens at the top. Children can be seen walking around the structures. Playing inside them and on other climbers and activities surrounding the towers. Camera switches to a ground view of the red square tower. The camera pans from the ground entrance up to the structures widening open top. Scene switches to a full side view of the two tower structures from near by the brick building next to the playground. Camera switches to a top down view of the red tower structure. The open ceiling concept shows children climbing and playing through the maze-like walkways and net climbers inside the structure. The camera views down through a roped net climber to children as they climb up into the red tower structure. The camera pans through the tower structure as children maneuver through is separate sections.]

[video: scene switches to a full over head view of the play area with the two tower structures and other surrounded climbing activities. The camera pans vertically from the tower structures to the other play area more adapted for younger children. The scene fades to black and back into a girl as she sits on a seat spinner. Another girl sits on small safety surfaced hill near by as she watches the other girl spin. A young girl straightens her legs while sitting at the top of a small single slide. She gently glides down the slide. Scene switches to a view of a log tunnel created out of concrete. The bark is painted pink while the inter part of the tunnel is painted yellow. A young girl crouches inside the log tunnel.]

Woman off camera: Where are you?

[video: the girl pops her head up through a hole in the log tunnel.]

Woman off camera: There she is!

[video: a young girl with glasses smiles, waves and says “hi” to the camera. The camera switches to an overhead panning left to right view of the younger play area of the park. The camera continues to pan over the long swing set location. Bird quickly fly by the camera as children play below. Scene switches to a ground view of the two-tower structure playing area. Scene fades to white as a black vertical line appears in the center of the screen, the NuToys Leisure Products logo slides out from the right of the black line. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out from the left of the line. Text below both logos read “For a better tomorrow we play today”. Screen fades to black and video ends.]

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