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Burrus Old Mill Park

Blue Springs, MO USA


Playground Overview

Burrus Old Mill Park is home to a jungle-themed playground. A custom PlayBooster® playground tower mimics a large tree with custom panels and leaf-like roofs. Once kids ages 5 to 12 reach the top, they can lookout at the activity below using the telescope before taking the thrilling ride down one of the slides. In addition to the tower, the inclusive play structure is packed with playground nets, activity panels, climbers and lots more. An additional playground structure was included in the design as well as a We-saw™, Palm Tree post toppers, SkyWays® commercial shade structures and custom unitary surfacing to help carry out the jungle theme. Even more, nearby is an Aquatix splash pad.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • July 2019
  • Design/CAD Files

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the splash pad and playground at Burrus Old Mill Park in Blue Springs Montana.

[video: scene begins with a bird’s eye view of the outdoor side by side splash pad and playground at Burrus Old Mill Park. The camera switches to a ground view of jungle themed playground. Children play on the many different playground activities. The scene switches to a more central view of the playground as children walk and play on the playground. Scene switches to children playing in the fountains and interactive water sprayers at the splash pad. The camera angle switches to a different view of the splash pad. Scene switches to a group of young children standing under the Flash Flood dump bucket as it rains down water. A man begins to speak in the background about the park.]

Man: The communities really embraced the splash pad here and the playground it’s had significant impact probably higher attendance of what we expected it to have.

[video: Camera switches to a full elevated view of the jungle themed splash pad and then to a full elevated view of the jungle themed playground. Scene switches to a focused view of a man as he speaks to the camera. White text slides into the bottom left corner of the screen reading: Dennis Dovel, Director of Parks and Recreation, Blue Springs, MO.]

Dennis voiceover: It does start with our local distributor which is Athco and Brad Moore. His firm really works hard with us. They work hand in hand listening to sometimes our crazy ideas and thoughts and processes and then takes that back to Landscape Structures and you know, really, they do a great job of providing designs. Working through the processes as we say we like this, don’t like that willing to make those changes. What you get is an end result that is very popular in your community. We feel very confident with the equipment that we get from Landscape Structures. It’s very high quality equipment literally if we have an issue they’re very responsive which is always important. They’ve walked hand in hand with us through some of the challenges that we’ve had. Helped us make adjustments that we needed to and I think all that’s important having a strong partnership with amongst your local distributor, your manufacturer, and your park department.

[video: with a slightly elevated view of the splash pad the camera pans to the right as children and families play in the various fountains and water activities. Scene switches to a view of two girls sliding together down a Double Swoosh playground slide. A boy looks though a periscope across the playground. Scene switches back to children playing under a Banana Bucket Tree as it dumps its full buckets on the children below. The camera focuses on a young girl as she gets drenched by one of the tipping buckets. Scene switches to a side view of children swinging on a swing set. The camera focuses on a girl as she swings to the full height of the swing. Scene switches to children peaking through and smile at each other on either side of a Bubble Panel. Camera switches to a view down the cargo net SpaceWalk Climber to a child as they climb across. The camera focuses on the boy’s feet as he steps across the cargo net. Scene switches a boy spinning an Optigear Panel. Camera switches back to Dennis as he continues to talk.]

[video: camera pans forward with an elevated view of the jungle themed playground. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the jungle themed splash pad. Scene switches to a boy as he spins a Rain Sound Wheel Panel. The camera focuses on the end cap of a Hand Cycler with the Landscape Structures logo embossed on the end. Scene switches to a boy and girl swinging together on a Friendship Swing. The camera focuses on the swivel bracket at the top of the swing as it sways back and forth. Scene switches to the camera focused on the top of a WhirlPad as a child’s hands spin it round and round. Scene switches to a ground view up as a Tic Tac Toe Panel pieces spin.]

[video: the camera circles around a group of children as they teeter back and forth on a multi person Wesaw seesaw. Scene switches to children playing in a SplashPack Elephant as it sprays water from its mouth and trunk. Scene switches to two girls as they play on Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments. The camera piers over a girl’ s shoulder as she plays the Rhapsody Warble Chimes.]

[video: the camera circles around a girl as she exercises on a Hand Cycler. Scene switches to a top down view of a SlideWinder2 Slide as a young boy raises his hands in the air and rides down to the bottom. Camera switches back to Dennis as he finishes talking about the park. A young boy standing on the playground speaks to the camera.]

Boy: It’s the best. Because I like the slides.

[video: top down full view of a boy sliding down to the bottom of a SlideWinder2 slide. A second boy speaks to the camera about his favorite parts of the playground.]

Boy 2: I like how it has the jungle theme and there are lots of climbing things.

[video: with a elevated view the camera pans right to left over the jungle themed playground. Three girls stand next to each other as one of them talks about the park.]

Girl: And my favorite part of the playground is getting wet.

[video: a girl stands in front of a SplashPack Hippo as its sprays water onto the girl’s head. Scene switches to two girls as they splash is the spraying water on the top of a WhirlPad. The camera focuses on a young girl’s face as she talks about the playground.]

Girl 2: My favorite part is the climbing part over there.

[video: children climb on the ropes of a SwiggleKnots Bridge. Camera switches to a young girl sitting on the playground decking, she speaks to the camera.]

Girl 3: Playing in the water.

[video: children play on the splash pad. A girl covers the hole of a Hydrosphere and releases her finger to allow the water to flow out again. A boy on the splash pad speaks to the camera.]

Boy: Um it’s super cool, all these things just like the jungle but like the rain forest. I like the creativity they had.

[video: the camera focuses on the tops of a post designed like a palm tree. Scene switches to a SplashPack Elephant as it sprays water from its mouth. A boy climbs up a hillside equipped with climbing hand and foot holds. Camera switches to a bird’s eye view of the splash pad FlashFlood and Banana Bucket Tree. Children scream as they play in the water. The camera focuses on the hole of the bottom of the FlashFlood as it gushes down water. Children play in the raining water of the FlashFlood. Scene fades to a view of the Banana Bucket Tree as one of the buckets dumps down on a boy below. A young girl smiles as she runs away form a ground fountain.]

[video: a girl holds onto a HydroHelix spraying and spins to rotate the water spraying. A young girl slides down a double slide on the splash pad as water rains down from a nearby fountain. A second girl slides down the other side of the double slide on the splash pad. A boy plugs his nose as he stands under a steady stream of water. Scene switches to a boy holding the camera facing himself as he slides down a playground slide. The camera pans around a girl as she holds onto a monkey bar run and smiles at the camera. Three girls stand side by side smiling and waving at the camera. Scene switches as the camera piers up at a one of the buckets of the Banana Bucket Tree. The bucket tips and drenches the camera lens with water. A boy stands in the dumping water of the bucket and smiles. Scene switches to a boy as he stands under a stream of water. He clenches his fists as the water drenches the top of his head. The screen goes white and the Landscape Structures logo appears on the left side of the screen. A black line fades into the right of the logo as the Aquatix by Landscape Structures logo slides to the right. A second black line appears next to that logo as the rep company Athco logo slides to the right of that line. A child giggles in the background as the screen fades to black.]

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