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Roadrunner Park

Chandler, AZ USA


Playground Overview

The one-of-a-kind playground at Roadrunner Park in Chandler, Arizona, attracts kids ages 5 to 12 and their families from miles away. A custom Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) climbing wall and steppers create distinctive entryways into the contemporary PlayBooster® Vibe® playstructure. Here, everything swirls, swings, loops and flows from one event to another. Custom panels on the Vibe roofs feature a nature theme that is echoed by the grassy color scheme of the playstructure.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures PlayBooster Vibe playground at the Roadrunner Park in Chandler Arizona.

[video: fade in to a vertical pan of a DigiFuse panel printed with an overhead map of the road runner shaped park, fade out. Fade in to a ground view of the PlayBooster Vibe playground with SkyWays overhead shade systems as children play all around, fade out. Fade in to a view of the Vibe playground roofing with grass blade cut out with SkyWays shade systems above those, fade out. Fade in to a close-up of the Vibe playground roofing with its decorative grass blade cut outs.]

[video: young boys legs run up rock steppers up onto the playground decking. Elevated view across the top of the Single Beam Loop Monkey Bars as children rush up the rock steppers onto the playground. A young boy climbs up a blender spinner. A littler girl sits down and slides down the roller slide towards the camera. Side close-up of the young girls face as she slides past the camera on the roller slide. Two girls spin on side by side Gyro Twister playground spinners. Top down view through the loops of the monkey bars as a boy lifts himself up onto the playground decking. Top down view of a young boy as he peaks up at the camera from underneath a playground climber.]

[video: side view of a swings set while children swing. Camera switch to a front view as children swing towards the camera. Two girls lean out from a playground slide at the unique surrounding rock climber with decorative indigenous snake carvings. A young girls hand touches the snake carvings in the rock climber. A young boy wearing sunglasses slowly spins himself on a Saddle seat spinner. Two girls look at a spider carving on one of the rock climbers.]

Girl: No there’s a spider

[video: the girls turn to a different rock climber to inspect another carving. Camera switch to a ground view up at two girls as they spin on a Gyro Twister spinner. One girl spins the other girl quickly on the spinner, she shouts and giggles with excitement. A girl lets her legs down while holding onto the loop monkey bars. She is to talk and stands up. Another girl drops her feet from the playground decking and grabs onto to loop monkey bars, she lifts her feet, so she doesn’t touch the ground.]

Girl on monkey bars: See, I just hold my feet up.

[video: camera zooms in on the girl’s hands as she continues across the monkey bars. A young girl spins the Optigear panel. Side view of two girls play on a see saw together. Camera switches to behind on of the girls as they continue to play on the see saw. Camera switch to a close up of a tarantula carving in on of the rock climbers.]

Girl off camera: Big tarantula.

[video: a young girl walks in front of the camera to a rock climber with different bug and fossil carvings in it.]

Girl: I don’t know what this kind of a bug is.

[video: girl points to a bug carving on the rock wall.]

Girl: I’ve never seen these bugs before.

[video: camera switch to a small play structure with a double slide and summit climber. Camera switches to the side of the small play structure as a girl helps a young boy climb up the ABC climber.]

[video: two girls stand by the Gyro Twister and speak to the camera.]

Girl 1: What we most like about it.

Girl 2: Is these things.

Girl 1: Yeah.

Girl 2: We’ve been playing on these for like forty-five minutes.

[video: the two girls spin on the Gyro Twister, they laugh and giggle as they spin. Two parents stand in front of their baby girl as they swing her in a full infant bucket swing. Camera pulls back for a full view of the playground as children play all around. Top down view of a boy as he spins his friend on the Saddle seat spinner. Switch to a top down view of two girls as they spin together on the Blender playground spinner. A young girl turns a steering wheel with a toddler on a grated playground barrier. Camera switches to a side view of the toddler as she turns the steering wheel and smiles at the camera.]

[video: side view of a young toddler as she slides down the double slide on the small play structure. Camera pans across the entire playground where children spin on playground spinners and slide down the roller slide. A baby boy gently swings towards the camera while sitting in an infant full bucket swing. Fade to black. Text appears on screen that reads: Better playgrounds. Better world. Landscape Structures logo appears.]

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