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Lil' Explorers Daycare Center

Delano, MN USA


Playground Overview

Kids of Lil' Explorers Childcare Center in Delano, Minnesota, play throughout the year on the ToddlerTown® PlayShaper® playstructure designed especially for ages 2 to 5. Whether bundled up or in shorts, little ones race for a chance to crawl through the tunnel, peer out the Bubble Panel, roll the Block Panel and more. And for kids ages 5 to 12, a PlaySense® playsystem offers a swirly slide, a side-by-side slide, bridges and climbers to keep them active on even the coldest day.

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  • Project Price Range

  • $40K-$59K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Toddler Town and PlayBooster playground at Lil’ Explorers Child Care Center in Delano Minnesota.

[video: slow pan forward on the front of a building. Building sign reads: Lil’ Explorers Child Care Center. Fade in to a group of toddlers all dressed in snow suits on a playground. Camera zooms in on a young girl as she stares off into the distance. Camera zooms in on two toddlers sitting on the playground decking. Two young girls slide down a double slide towards the camera. A woman with three toddlers standing by her speaks to the camera. Text appears on screen reading: Miss Megan.]

Megan: My name is Miss Megan and I am the lead teacher, toddler teacher here at Little Explorers.

Megan voiceover: It impacts them by burning energy and they love to play on the climber and go down the slide.

[video: toddlers walk towards the camera in the snow. Toddlers stand all around the playground in the snow. Camera pans across the playground as a young girl looks through a bubble panel. A boy sits on the playground decking as his back faces the camera. A boy slides down the double slide by himself towards the camera. Camera back to Megan speaking to the camera.]

Megan: We come outside twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

[video: camera man speaks to a group of toddlers standing in front of the camera.]

Camera Man: What do you guys think about the playground?

[video: The toddlers stare up at the camera man. A boy shrugs his shoulders up and down. Camera switches to three toddlers sitting and standing at the top of the double slide. A boy holds a red bucket up in front of the camera. A young girl begins to sing the alphabet song. A boy looks into the Mirror Panel. He leans in close to the mirror panel almost squishing his face to the mirror. A young girl crawls down heads first through a crawl tunnel. Camera lowers to the ground as the girl lays on her stomach inside the crawl tunnel. Camera zooms in on the roof of the playground. A panel on the roof reads: Toddlertown. Camera pans down from the roof to a young girl looking though the bubble panel at the camera. A boy standing on the other side of the bubble panel looks at the girl sitting on the opposite side of the panel. Young girl kneeling on playground decking at the top of the double slide. She looks at the camera with a questioning face. A young boy wearing a hat shaped like a moose face crawls up to the bubble panel. He sits up and puts his hands on the bubble panel and smiles.]

[video: fade in on children playing at the five to twelve-year-old PlayBooster playground. Two girls swing on the swing set next to the playground. Three children slide down the SpyroSlide one by one. Children run across the Clatter bridge. A girl runs up the playground steps, her boots squeak on the playground decking. Camera zooms in on a Loop Arch climber as a girl climbs up the rungs. Camera zooms in to the top of the Loop Arch climber as the girl continues to climb. Camera pulls back as a line of children take turns climbing up the Loop Arch climber. Camera pans across the Clatter bridge as three boys stand and wave at the camera.

Group of boys: Hi.

[video: Aggie Maur speaks to the camera. Text appears that reads: Miss Aggie.]

Aggie: I’m Aggie Maur with little explorers. I’m the pre-kindergarten teacher.

Aggie voiceover: If the weather permits were out here from zero on up if the wind chills below that we can’t come out but. We are out in the morning for about an hour and then in the afternoon for about an hour.

[video: a boy climbs up the Loop Arch climber as a girl walks around on the playground decking. A boy sits at the top of the SpyroSlide. Camera zooms in on the bottom or the SpyroSlide. Two boys slide down together. Side view of a girl climbing up the Loop Arch climber. A boy climbs up the climber behind the girl. Side view of two children as they swing on swing set. Camera sways back and forth with the children as they swing. Two children hug and hold onto the swing set posts opposite of the camera. Camera back to Aggie speaking to the camera.]

Aggie: It defiantly gets their imagination going.

Aggie voiceover: It gets them to run around and run off their energy. And they love every bit of it there’s always people on the slides they’re always a line for the swings so it’s great to have all of this out here.

[video: elevated view of children playing all around and on the playground. A girl jumps to hug the firepole and slides down to the ground. A line of boys slide down the SpyroSlide together. Camera zooms in to the top of the slide as children push forward to go down the slide. Camera switches to Aggie standing in front of the swing set as children swing. A boy stands by the swing set post waiting his turn. Camera back to Aggie as she speaks to the camera.]

[video: woman off camera asks Aggie a question.]

Woman off camera: And how does that impact going back inside with your activities inside?

[video: a girl climbs down the Loop Arch climber towards the camera. Camera switches to the front view of the swing set. Two children swing as Aggie pushes one girl on the swing from the front. Camera switches to Aggie speaking to the camera.]

Aggie: It defiantly gets them to focus, they’re not running around as much because they get all of their energy out here.

[video: camera switches to a boy wearing glasses as he speaks to the camera. A group of boys stand behind the boy speaking. A young girl jumps up in front of the boy several times trying to look into the camera.]

Boy: And we are reporting live from the Little Explorers. And Ella’s going to be my helper.

[video: a group of children talk to each other. The boy shouts to the camera man.]

Boy: Video tape us running!

[video: The group of children all run away from the camera to the other side of the playground. Their snow pants all make loud swishing noises as they run. A young girl walks up to the camera and says: Hi. She continues to speak to the camera.]

Girl: Were playing on the playground! I like the swings the best.

[video: as the girl speaks to the camera another girl walks up to stand by her. Two girls swing towards the camera. Camera switches to the other side of the swing set and pulls back for a full view of the two children swinging on the swing set.]

[video: camera zooms in on a girl who is resting her chin on a playground railing. She smiles and waves at the camera. Three girls look back at the camera while they walk away.]

Girl: See you later alligator.

[video: fade to black. Text appears reading: Better playgrounds, better world. The Landscape Structures logo appears and replaces the text.

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