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LeGore Park

Indianapolis, IN USA


Playground Overview

This playground equipment adds a new play experience to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis - Legore Unit. Now kids ages 5 to 12 can learn, play and grow together on this compact playground design. From climbers to slides to sensory play panels, this playground has something for everyone. Even more, Vibe® roofs will help protect kids from UV rays.

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Playground Details

  • Project Price Range

  • $40K-$59K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures playground at the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis LeGore Park in Indianapolis Indiana.

[video: fade in to a view of the main building with school bus out front unloading children. Camera zooms in to a brick wall painted white with the words: Boys and Girls clubs of Indianapolis, Legore Unit. The club logo sits to the left of the words.]

[video: children play all around a playground that sits off to the side from a brick building. Camera angle up as children run through and underneath the playground. A girl jumps up to climb on the monkey bars underneath the elevated playground bridge. Tiffany Polzin a representative for Countryside Play Structures speaks to the camera. Children play on the playground in the background as she speaks.]

Tiffany: Lily Corp Eli Lilly is a really big corporation here in Indianapolis.

Tiffany voiceover: They offered to give the boys and girls club one hundred plus volunteers to come out and do all of this work for them. So, our crews came out, installed the equipment and then Lilly Corp came in right after we were done and put in all the stonework and coordinated all the volunteers to do the landscaping, put the tables together, put the mulch in.

[video: two girls climb up the cliff climber. Children stand on the playground bridge. A group of children squeeze past each other as they climb all over the playground bridge. Camera pans down to a boy who is hanging upside down. Two girls walk across the playground bridge. A boy squeezes past the two girls as they walk off the bridge as he begins to climb on the bridge. Camera zooms in on a girl’s feet as she climbs up the Vertical Ascent climber. A girl slides down towards the camera on the Single Wave slide. A boy runs in front of the slide right before the girl reaches the bottom. A girl wearing a backpack stands at the top of the slide. Camera switches to an elevated view of the entire playground area. A girl smiles at the camera as she holds on to playground handholds while standing on the Cliff Climber. Camera switches to Ashley Turner AmeriCorps Education Director as she speaks to the camera.]

Ashley: Well we’ve never had a playground most of the other clubs have one and I think it’s a great opportunity for the kids to come out and work together.

Ashley voiceover: Also, usually just have this green space out here so it’s nice to have something that they get excited for and that they know was given to them as a gift, so they really appreciate it.

[video: boys and girls climb, run, and play all over the playground area. A boy with his legs hooked around the bridge support beam holds onto one of the bridge support ropes. He pulls himself up to sit on the bridge step. Camera zooms in on a girl as she holds on to the hand holds of the Vertical Ascent climber. She turns and smiles at the camera. Girl begins to climb up the climbing wall. A young girl turns her head quickly to speak to the camera.]

Girl: My favorite part about the playground is the swiggly slide.

[video: a young girl wearing a poke a dotted shirt speaks to the camera.

Girl wearing poke a dots: And my favorite part of the playground is the rope.

[video: a girl wearing a pink shirt speaks to the camera.]

Girl wearing pink shirt: My favorite park of the playground is the slides.

[video: a boy slides down away from the camera on the double slide. A girl slides down the other side of the double slide away from the camera. Camera switches to a girl as she speaks to the camera.]

Girl: My favorite part is the part where you get to… the rock wall.

[video: camera pans down the Vertical Ascent climbing wall as a girl climbs up on the different foot and hand holds. A full view of the playground as children play all around. A plane flies overhead. Camera pans up as a girl reaches the playground decking from climbing up the Cliff Climber. Camera pans in slow motion across the top of the playground bridge. A boy standing on the bridge waves at the camera. A boy’s off camera says: Hello! Hi.]

[video: elevated and panning forward, children stand on the playground bridge. Go to black, Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading: For a better tomorrow we play today.]

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