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Delano Intermediate School

Delano, MN USA


Playground Overview

Students at Delano Intermediate School are sure to be challenged while staying active. The Crab Trap™ delivers many climbing experiences--inside and out--with a variety of materials. Even more, the FitCore™ Extreme obstacle course encourages students ages 5 to 12 to test their upper- and lower-body strength, coordination as well as their problem-solving skills.

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  • $120K-$139K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the FitCore Extreme playground obstacle course and Crab Trap climber at Delano Intermediate School in Delano Minnesota.

[video: fade in to an elevated view of the entire pebble flex surfaced play area with FitCore obstacle course and Crab Trap. Children play on all the many actives. Camera switch to inside the Crab trap where children climb on the many different rope climbers. Close-up of a girls boots as she side steps on the outer cargo net of the Crab Trap. Three children hang and climb up the Extreme Jump Hang cargo net climber. A boy climbs up the rope climber.]

[video: camera pans with a boy as he climbs up the vertical cargo net climber. Camera switch to a full side view of two girls climbing down the Extreme Jump Hang cargo net climber. A boy climbing on the rope climb reaches to top to ring the accomplishment bell. Frontal view of the Extreme Jump Hang cargo climber as a girl grabs onto the cargo net and lifts her legs up to climb. A line of boys wait their turn to at the Spiderwalk wall. One of the boys explains the route they should take for the obstacle course. Birds eye view pan over the top of the entire play area as children play below.]

[video: a young girl scooches through the Spiderwalk wall towards the camera. A line of children waits behind her waiting their turn. Camera switches back to the bird’s eye view pan over the top of the play area as children play. Scene switch to a girl as she climbs across the braided belt bridge inside the Crab Trap climber. Side view close-up of a girl’s tennis shoes as she walks across the braided belt bridge inside the Crab Trap climber.]

[video: children climb up either side of the A Frame Cargo net climber. Camera fallows as a girl runs and jumps over the different sized hurtles. Camera switches back to bird’s eye view panning over the top of the end of the play area. A young girl jumps over a low hurtle then ducks under then next. A girl climbs through the Spiderwalk wall towards the camera.]

[video: A girl climbs up the handholds of the Crab Trap play structure. Camera switches to inside the crab trap as children climb inside and on the outside cargo nets. Camera pans across the top of the Crab Trap as children climb on the top cargo nets and inside ropes below. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the play area with Crab Trap and FitCore Extreme obstacle course.]

[video: a boy climbs up towards the camera on the outer hand holds climber up into the Crab Trap. A boy stands on the elevated belted walk way inside the Crab Trap. Two girls climb up towards him on the inner rope climbers. A child yells [Go, go!] Camera pans up through the cargo nets of the Crab Trap where a girl climbs on top.]

[video: a boy climbing the rope climb rings the accomplishment bell. A second boy climbing the rope rings the accomplishment bell. A third boy climbing the rope rings the accomplishment bell.]

[video: elevated side panning view across the FitCore Extreme obstacle course. A line of girl’s high step through the Extreme High Step agility playground activity. Camera close-up of the girl’s feet as they high step through the cargo net.  Close-up of a girl’s feet as she steps from one balance beam to the next.]

[video: a boy wears a point of view camera helmet, he climbs on the ropes inside the Crab Trap. Camera switch to children walking across the balance beams. A boy climbs across the FitCore Extreme Angled Overhead Ladder monkey bars. Camera switch to side view of the Angled Overhead ladder as a girl swings across it. Scene switch to an overhead view of children playing at the Spiderwalk wall and the Over Under hurdle bars. Camera zooms in on two girls as they reposition themselves on the Spiderwalk wall. One of the girl yells to her friend [Are you coming?]

[video: camera circles the A frame cargo net climber as children climb up and over the climber. Camera switches back to the boy wearing the point of view helmet camera. The boy climbs up the Vertical Cargo net climber. The boy walks up to the Extreme Jump Hang and grabs onto the cargo net. The boy climbs up to the top of the A frame cargo net climber. He climbs over the top of the A frame climber and begins to climb down the other side. The camera giggles furiously as he swings from rung to rung on the Angled monkey bars, fade out.]

[video: fade in to a class of children gathered on and around the Crab Trap play structure. Children standing in the front begin to dance, fade out. Fade in to the children continuing to dance in front of the Crab Trap, fade out. Fade in to all the children gathered on the Crab Trap, they all wave to the camera. Fade to black, Landscape Structures logo appears with the text below reading: For a better tomorrow we play today.]

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