Playground Themes

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Themed playgrounds invite children to enter a world guided by their imagination. Landscape Structures can help you design your own signature commercial playground. From animals, to sports, to castles, the potential themes for a commercial play space are endless. And thanks to our expert custom design capabilities, almost any product can be customized to enhance your theme of choice. By adding DigiFuse® panels in the shape of animals, vehicles or other playful items, your space can take on the feeling of a new world. Or our custom GFRC artists can create lifelike dragons or giant baseballs that give life to your theme and provide a fun climbing element for playground visitors.

Explore a collection of theme possibilities through the links below, and remember that the possibility for another theme is just a new idea away. Our Custom Design team is always full of great ideas to get you started.

Circus Themes

Circus-themed playgrounds bring kids to the center of big top fun!

Playable Art Themes

Climb up, over and through beautiful sculpture-like play structures.

Music Themes

Playing music takes on a whole new meaning.

Animal Themes

Slide, swing and climb with your favorite creatures!

Sports Themes

Have a ball at these athletic playgrounds.

Space Themes

Reach for the stars with a rocket or ufo-themed playground.

Military Themes

Support our troops with these military-themed park designs.

History & Science Themes

Take a journey to the past!

Castle Themes

Calling all kings and queens to the playground!

Nature Themes

Enhance the beauty of nature with these playgrounds.

Transporation Themes

Cars, trucks, trains and things that go!

Building Themes

Make believe you're inside when you're outside.

Boat Themes

Anchors away with these nautical playground designs.