Sports Themes

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It's a swing...and a hit

A sports theme is a great way to bring a fun and fitness-oriented attitude to your commercial playground. Baseball, soccer, hockey, football and even gymnastics can all provide terrific inspiration for your sports-themed play structure.

Is your playground near a sports complex or a baseball field? Did you host the Olympics in your city? Consider bringing that theme to life in your play environment.

Our custom designers can create GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) structures to match your ideas -- imagine a huge climbable baseball in your ballpark-themed playground. Utilize safety surfacing to bring your theme to life -- pour-in-place, rubberized safety surfacing can incorporate any design, like a running track around your play area, or a miniature baseball diamond.

Custom DigiFuse® Panels are another great way to emphasize your theme. The proprietary DigiFuse process can apply any graphic or artwork onto metal panels. Jerseys, headshots of famous athletes or various sports equipment replicas bring a sporty feel to any space.

Explore more ideas below to find inspiration for your sports-themed playground.