Animal Themes

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Part of the magic of a playground is the transformation that occurs in children's imaginations. Animal-themed playgrounds are a great way to encourage imaginative play among children of all ages. Create an African Safari in the middle of a city or a forest wonderland in the desert by adorning your playground with creatures from near and far.

Our concrete sculptures are so lifelike you might think there's a real raccoon in the tree or a mountain lion next to the swing set. But up close, children love to climb on, lie on, and befriend these realistic-looking creatures.

Animals can also come to life through the use of DigiFuse®. DigiFuse involves fusing graphical imagery onto metal panels using a proprietary process. Zebras, gorillas or any other animal graphics can be added to your space to contribute to your magical play world.

Animal Theme