Transportation Themes

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Getting from here to there

Planes, trains, automobiles! Tractors, boats, busses! Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are always a big hit with kids. Children are fascinated by vehicles, so having a transportation-themed playground is a real treat.

Kids love the creative play that all types of transportation provide -- they can pretend to drive or fly, sail a boat or plow fields. We've designed great climbers, play panels and other transportation-themed components that make-up imaginative themed playstructures. 

Transportation-themed parks can come to life in many ways. We've built a net climbing structure inside a sunken ship; a playstructure shaped like a bus; a firetruck- or train-themed main structure complete with slides, bridges, climbers and panels. Let your imagination drive you when it comes to a transportation theme. 

When planning your playground design, be sure to consider how your playground safety surfacing can add to the overall theme. Surfacing colors, logos and graphics can bring your transportation theme to life. A train track, landing strip or race track is the perfect surfacing design for a transportation-themed playground.