Building Themes

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The sky's the limit

Playgrounds themed to mimic buildings give kids the feeling of being inside… while playing outside! Created to tickle imaginations, we’ve designed lighthouses, tree houses, barns, city fronts and school houses.

Adding a building-themed playstructure is a great way to add an invitation to imaginative play. Kids can pretend to be schoolteachers, firefighters, princesses or farmers as they navigate their fantasy world.

Buildings also lend themselves well to representing a historical theme: did your town used to have a mill, or farms? What about Old West storefronts or Native American dwellings? All of these historical themes can come alive through using building themes in custom playground designs.

Designed with safety in mind, even these ultra-creative playground structures have excellent site lines for supervision, so caregivers will never loose sight of their kids even when they are inside a play building. 

Fire Station