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A Higher Quality Play Surface

Surfacing Product Comparison

A Higher Quality Play Surface

What Makes PebbleFlex® and AquaFlex® Unique?

PebbleFlex® 2.0 and AquaFlex surfaces are made from thermoplastic aliphatic polyurethane pebbles with an aliphatic polyurethane binder. Both the pebbles and binder are completely light stable, so PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex, Landscape Structures products provided by Surface America, won’t fade or physically break apart due to UV exposure. The bond between the pebbles and binder is a true, strong, chemical bond, so the systems are described as bond-in-place technology. As a result, PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex are far superior in durability, appearance, strength, lifespan, and maintainability, and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Many other systems use non-light-stable particles and an aromatic binder, which is also subject to UV degradation. In sunlight, the particles and binder break down, fade, shrink, and discolor irregularly. The weak bonding of the particles allows for separation. The result is a surface with continual degradation, requiring ongoing maintenance that increases the cost of ownership and tarnishes the aesthetics of the area.

Some other systems have substituted an aliphatic binder as a partial solution to these problems, but the non-light-stable particles are still subject to degradation from sunlight. The bond is not a chemical bond, so particle separation can occur.

Of all the play surfaces available, only PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex combine the benefits of design, technology and safety into revolutionary, high-performance solutions.