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Studio City Recreation Center

Studio City, CA USA


Playground Overview

The playground at Studio City Recreation Center welcomes kids of all abilities thanks to the nonprofit organization, Shane's Inspiration. This inclusive playground delivers a nature-inspired playground design, and even offers a custom treehouse-themed play structure. Plus, the extensive ramping system and rubberized playground safety surfacing will bring individuals using mobility devices to the center of the playground action. Kids ages 2 to 12 will find activities that will keep them engaged, active and, best of all, playing together.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • October 2014
  • Min Area Required

  • 51' x 60' (15,54 m x 18,29 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features an inclusive nature-inspired treehouse themed play structure at the Studio City Recreation Center in Studio City California.

[video: top down view of a girl as she swings up towards the camera in slow motion. She gives the camera a large smile while she swings. A boy bounces on a four person see saw by himself. View across the playground where a swing set is full of children playing. Children and families gather near the OmniSpin playground spinner. A boy walks up the playground stairs. Camera quickly backs up as a baby walks towards him across the pebble flex playground surfacing. Marci Moran director for Shane’s Inspiration speaks to the camera.]

Marci: I’m Marci Moran I’m the director of community outreach and special events for Shane’s inspiration.

Marci voiceover: And we are here today at Beeman park at Studio City Recreation Center this is our fiftieth inclusive playground that we have opened.

[video: Tall large trees surround the playground area shading the children as they play. Two children play on a see saw in front of the playground structure. Camera pans up from a wood plank rope bridge to a custom designed hollowed out tree made to look like a treehouse. Side view of a woman and boy as they walk across the wood plank rope bridge. A woman pushes a young girl in a wheelchair down a ramped sidewalk.

Marci: So, this playground it was completely redesigned.

Marci voiceover: My kids used to come here when they were little, and it was not the best playground. I definitely wasn’t accessible for kids with special needs but now what’s great is we met with the community here in Studio City and talked to them about What they wanted to have in their community.

[video: A young girl slides down the roller slide. Her legs giggle as she slides down and she smiles. Side view of a woman as she pushes a girl in a wheelchair up a playground ramp. Camera pans across a large swing set were children of all abilities are swinging. Camera comes into focus on a young boy as he plays at a sensory play Marble panel. He holds onto a red sandbox shovel as he leans over to spin the marbles on the panel. A woman walks through the entrance from the wood plank rope bridge of the treehouse designed playground structure.

Marci voiceover: They did kind of a nature theme here and it has a lot of like wood stuff, so it was great to partner with LSI to create this playground. One of my favorite things it has is the OmniSpin spinner. When we were kids we had the merry-go-round and this is much safer and what’s awesome about it is that kids who need back support with special needs Can be seated in it and they still have back support while they’re seated.

[video: view of the playground structure with the custom dead hollowed out tree house design with slides and play panels. Camera pans up the hollowed-out tree that looks like bark pieces have fallen off of it. Camera pans up a sand play station designed in a log wood theme. Two boys walk up to the sand station with hands full of sand. Close-up of a lady bug carving on one of the realistic looking wood sand play station crates. Close-up of a dragonfly carving on the sand station structure. An A frame roof made of recycled plastic lumber with horizontal wood plank painted with the words: Kids Only. Horizontal pan across group of adults as they watch and spin a group of special needs children on the playground OmniSpin. A boy holds onto a man as he helps to lift the boys leg onto the OmniSpin. A man runs to push a group of special needs kids on the OmniSpin. Camera back to Marci speaking to the camera standing in front of the OmniSpin.]

Marci: So, they can spin around, and they can be a part of it so it’s great piece of equipment that’s inclusive.

Marci voiceover: One part of my job is that I help run My Play Club which is a community outreach program that’s free to the community where we bring children of all abilities and their families together at our inclusive playgrounds. We get sponsors like Universal Studios Hollywood or Disney to help sponsor an accessible bus, so we can bring kids with disabilities to the playground. We partner them with typically be able kids and they play together on the playground. Which is a great opportunity for them to eliminate their bias toward people with disabilities and teach them compassion acceptance and it’s just a great program and I love it and proud to be part of it.

[video: camera pans horizontally outside a playground fence of the two ZipKrooz bays. Children take turns riding down the ZipKrooz zipline. Text appears on bottom of the screen reading: Sepulveda Rec Center. Top down view of children in wheelchairs and their families as they wait in line to ride the accessible harnessed molded bucket seat swing of the ZipKrooz zipline. A woman pushes a boy sitting on the disc ZipKrooz swing back up to the landing platform where a group of children wait their turn to ride. A woman pushes a boy in a wheelchair across the playground while an older boy with leg braces walks beside her. Two boys stand face to face on a SpaceWalk rope bridge. As they camera walks up to the boys one begins to bounce, smile, and dance excitedly on the rope bridge. A young girl sits on the disc challenge bridge stepper, she hugs the middle post of the stepper smiling out at people on the playground. Two women help and stand up a young girl out of her wheelchair. They hold onto her arms as they assist her to the molded bucket seat on the ZipKrooz zipline rider. A woman latches the harness of the molded bucket swing, camera zooms in on the girls face as she smiles excitedly to ride on the ZipKrooz swing. Scene switch to a view of two busses parked in a parking lot to drop off children. Side view of a woman as she smiles and lowers a boy in a wheelchair down on the buses wheelchair lift. A woman smiles as she pushes a girl in a wheelchair off the buses wheelchair lift. The girl smiles and waves as the woman pushes her forward. Two families with children in wheelchairs stand next to the school bus looking around to see where they would like to go next. A girl pushes her friend to the end of the ZipKrooz bay in the molded bucket seat swing to let her glide down the track again.  A girl in the molded bucket seat swing rides down the ZipKrooz bay towards the camera. She smiles with joy as she glides down the overhead track. The girl loses her moment just as a boy runs up to push her the rest of the way on the track. A woman waves her hand side to side on the Chimes playground sensory panel as a boy watches and listens to the sounds. Side view of two girls as they slide down a large roller slide. In slow motion a boy pushes three children on the playground OmniSpin.]

[video: fade in on a close-up of a young girl as she bounces up and down on a see saw. Top down view of two woman as they push a group of children on the inclusive Oodle swing. Elevated view of the playground area with the large surrounding trees. A young girl smiles joyfully as she holds onto the overhead track rider. Her mother holds onto her and pushes her down the track. Screen switches to black with the Shane’s Inspiration logo appearing in white. A plus sign replaces the Shane’s logo briefly and then a white Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading: Better playgrounds. Better world.]

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