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Rocket's Universe at Weddington Park

North Hollywood, CA USA


Playground Overview

This inclusive playground, designed in partnership with Shane’s Inspiration, is out of this world! A PlayBooster® playstructure complete with rocket- and UFO-themed roofs, interactive play panels and a SwayFun® glider designed to look like a rocket ship is sure to encourage imaginative play among children of all abilities. A moon/solar system climber, moon rock steppers and balance beams, and a space-themed sensory wall, all sculpted from concrete, deliver a unique sensory play experience. Even more, kids can learn while they play with space trivia scattered throughout the design as well as Talking is Teaching panels from Too Small to Fail.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • October 2016
  • Min Area Required

  • 48' x 46' (14,63 m x 14,02 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the inclusive themed playground at Rocket’s Universe in Weddington Park, North Hollywood California.

[video: Birds eye view camera panning down across entire park. Fade to black, fade into row of pillars with each planet on a pillar from the solar system. Retaining wall reads: Rockets Universe.]

[video: fade in to sign in front of play area that reads: Inclusive Playground Designed by Shane’s Inspirations. Vison, fostering a bias-free world for children with disabilities.]

[video: Jennifer Quick speaks to camera.]

Jennifer Quick: This is Shane's Inspiration, I believe, sixty-forth playground.

Jennifer voiceover: It was a gift from Rocket's family. It's really important for us to provide inclusive playgrounds for children of all abilities so that the community can become aware and the importance of social inclusion for children with disabilities

[video: close-up of plaque that reads: A Gift from the family of John Taylor "Rocket" Williams the fourth. Camera switch to girl going down roller slide. Group of children work together to make the sway fun move back and forth. Close-up of young girl with helmet holds steering wheel of sway fun and looks up at camera. Young girls holding hands walk down pathway away from camera to play area. Camera switches back to Jennifer speaking to camera.]

[video: Lori Adams special education teacher speaks to camera.]

Lori: We bring our special needs kids from our school into an environment where there is a lot of support in a social setting.

[video: two girls hold hands as they walk up inclusive play ramp onto play structure. Lori voiceover: So, they get to be kids and play with other kids. [video: camera switch to an adult and two girls helping young girl with helmet into assisted bucket seat swing while other children swing on other swings.]

Lori voiceover: which doesn't usually happen when they go to a park. [video: top down view of adult holding young girl in bucket seat on sway fun]

Lori voiceover: With the Shane's inspiration program kids are taught how to interact together. [video: two young boys hold hands to help each other play.]

[video: Alayna Powell camp director speaks to camera.] Alayna: It actually touches everybody's needs, not just kids that can climb... [video: camera switch to young girl walking up to girl in wheelchair holding out a toy.] Alayna voiceover: Kids that, you know, need a walk or need to be rolling.

[video: women pushes young girl in wheel chair down park pathway.] Sinjin Cloma voiceover: What I see, at least, with the kids right now is really interesting, I was talking to the other counselors that they're a lot gentler with the special needs kids.

[video: close-up of a boy and girl wearing matching colored shirts smile and giggle at each other. Sinjin Colma camp counselor speaks to camera.]

Sinjin voiceover: seeing them interact with everyone is really different. [video: young boy holds another boys hand as he helps him around a park sign.]

Sinjin voiceover: They're really taking care of one another making sure everyone's okay.

[video: young boy hugs another boy from behind as he smiles at camera. Jennifer speaks to camera.]

Jennifer: The question should be... what is it they don't like cause they like everything. [video: Full view of entire park while families play all around.

Jennifer voiceover: I think every piece here is probably one of LSI's newer pieces or the newest piece. [video: young boy with hat glides down to the bottom of roller slide as other boy roles down from the top while smiling.]

Jennifer voiceover: So, there is a lot of play value in this specific playground. [video: two girls push young girl with helmet in assisted bucket seat swing while another girl swings in another assisted bucket seat beside her.]

Jennifer voiceover: We are in love with all of LSI's playgrounds because they help us to bring our program and to include children of all abilities. [video: young girl with helmet swings towards camera with a smile. Camera pans over to other girl with glasses swinging in assisted bucket swing towards camera. Camera switch to two boys holding hands as they begin to step up meteor rock steppers onto play structure.]

Sinjin voiceover: I see it with kids every day here.

[video: group of children gather in cozy dome.]

Sinjin voiceover: where they're not just running around.

[video: close-up of young boy sitting inside cozy dome, camera pans left to right to other boys sitting inside cozy dome. Camera switches back to Sinjin speaking to camera.]

Sinjin: They're trying to figure out why things work a certain way or how things are set up. [video: adult women and girl hold young girls with a helmet hands while she steps off meteor shaped stepping rocks.]

Sinjin voiceover: So, it's interesting seeing that different dynamic.

[video: Elevated view of swing set and entire play area.]

Lori voiceover: I think this equipment is awesome at this park. I think they love the teeter totter.

[video: camera switch to four children together on four way we-saw.]

Lori voiceover: I think they love this rocket ship.

[video: children playing on rocket ship sway fun.]

Lori voiceover: I love the swing that you can lay in. Which is great for our kids in wheelchairs, or that need to be held.

[video: two girls swing as another girl pushes on Oodle swing. Lori speaks to camera.]

Sinjin voiceover: I think they like the most is the whole spaceship theme.

[video: close-up of DigiFuse panel cut out of alien head sticking up out of spaceship dome window. Camera switch to plaque with space shuttle on it.]

Sinjin voiceover: It unlocks their imagination. It's space... it's a world unknown that they want to figure out.

[video: Boy reads information sign with images of planets and their names. Young boy kneels next to meteor rock climber. Baby spins earth spinner panel wheel.]

Sinjin voiceover: They want to try and discover that…

[video: Sinjin speaks to camera.]

Sinjin: On a spaceship they're always playing games or making something up.

[video: camera switches to group of kids riding on sway fun and older boy assists with moving it by hand from the front.]

Sinjin voiceover: Where they're going of course to another planet stuff like that.

[video: Elevated panning view of planets on top of posts.]

Sinjin voiceover: everyone is all together just having a good time.

[video: camera switches back to Sinjin speaking to camera.]

Sinjin: It's nice seeing that, it's really different.]

[video: fade to young girl with helmet waving at camera.] Young girl with helmet: Hi. [video: fade to young boy on play structure smiling and waving at camera. Fade to toddler squinting at camera. Close-up of young girl smiling and laughing. Fade to mother pushing stroller across park path way. Fade to Shane's Inspiration logo. Fade to Landscape Structures logo.]

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