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Howdershell Park – FitCore™ Extreme

Hazelwood, MO USA


Playground Overview

The community of Hazelwood, Mo., designed their own high-intensity strength training course. The custom designed FitCore™ Extreme in Howdershell Park features 12 pre-designed challenges that encourage teens and adults to get and stay fit. And to put the finishing touch on the obstacle course, an artificial safety surfacing turf was installed to keep users safe. 

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 13+ Years
  • Installed

  • August 2017
  • Min Area Required

  • 105' x 44' (32 m x 13,41 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

This video features adults playing and working out on a Fit Core Extreme 13 plus workout park.

[video: Man in work out close runs and jumps from angled platform to platform of FitCore Extreme Quintuple Steps. Camera close up of man’s feet running and jumping on quintuple steps. Man run and jumps of launch pad onto the fit core extreme jump hang. Camera angle switches to side view of jump hang as another man runs and jumps to grab the jump hang cargo net. Camera angle switches to man running towards camera as he runs and jumps to grab jump hang cargo net.]

[video: camera switch to man hanging from jump hang cargo net climbing to the end of the net. Man takes a running start and jumps up onto Spiderwalk walls.]

Justin Cranmer fitness enthusiast voiceover: Something like this is great for someone like me. Not so much as individually. [video: Justin speaks to camera.] Justin: But linking them all together and just working on the endurance of the sport.]

[video: Justin climbs through Spiderwalk walls. Camera switch man in purple shirt finishes spider walk walls and jumps down. Camera switch to man making his way across fit core extreme globe grasps. Man climbs towards camera on globe grasps. Camera pulls back to show full globe grasps structure as man in an orange shirt makes his way across.]

Josh Ghar Fitness Enthusiast voiceover: You know I think it's such a unique idea to have in a public place. I think it brings a lot of people out a lot of people who have never tried this kind of stuff before and who want to give it a shot. You see a mixture of people, you see people who know this stuff very well and come out and work really hard and can do it and then people that have never done it before and they were trying it out for the first time. It's awesome.

[video: close up of Justin making his way to the end of the globe grabs. Camera switch to man in orange shirt running and jumping onto fit core extreme A-Frame cargo net. Camera switch to Josh speaking to camera. Camera switch to women climbing to the end of the horizontal ladder station. Man in polo shirt jumps up to grab the parallel bar. Man in white shirt flips himself forward over the top of the A-Frame cargo net climber. Man in orange shirt swings his leg and body over the top of the A-Frame cargo net climber. Man in orange shirt backflips off the middle of the A-Frame cargo net climber.]

[video: woman swings rung to rung on the horizontal ladder. Justin swings from wheel to wheel on the fit core extreme wheel bridge. Camera close up of man as he swings from wheel to wheel of wheel bridge away from the camera.]

Kyle Mendoza Fitness Enthusiast voiceover: Having this be the first thing that I've seen in this area with obstacles that not only challenge you just physically but also functionally I think it's really exciting to have something like this pop up and I'm really excited to also see how the community grows and movement wise with something like this in the area.

[video: Kyle speaks to camera. Man in white shirt jumps up to grab parallel bars. The man uses his momentum to slide his hands across the bars. Camera close up of Kyle on the parallel bars. Camera switch to Justin swinging from rung to rung on fit core extreme angled overhead ladder. Camera switch to Justin climbing up to the most difficult hand holds and across the fit core extreme ledge hanger. Camera pulls back to full view of the ledge hanger as Kyle makes his way across. Josh makes is way across the ledge hanger on the middle medium difficulty hand holds.]

[video: man in white shirt hops with his hands hanging from the fit core extreme unstable bridge. Josh transfers from one hand hold of the unstable bridge to the next. Kyle climbs up the rope climber and rings the accomplishment bell at the top. He slides himself down slowly from the rope climber. A woman finishes and steps off of the horizontal ladder and jumps to the ground. Camera follows her as she walks away and smiles. Man in polo shirt jumps down from parallel bars smiling. Women jumps down from horizontal ladder step and smiles raising her hands above her head.]

Women: Yeah!

[video: slow motion of Kyle running towards camera on quintuple steps. Camera switches to behind Kyle as he dismounts on the last quintuple step into a side twisting flip. Fade to Landscape Structures logo.]

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