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Gilbert Regional Park

Gilbert, AZ USA


Playground Overview

The playground at Gilbert Regional Park is a destination for families near and far. A custom tower playstructure that mimics the mountainous backdrop is the focus of this sprawling play space with various slides and climbers strategically built into the existing hillside. The Double ZipKrooz® and playground swings are also included near the top of the play area, while down below is a play area for toddlers and preschoolers. The play space for younger kids also utilizes the topography with more hillside slides and climbers, tunnels built below hills and more age-appropriate challenges. Even more, SkyWays® shade structures are placed throughout the playground design to help protect visitors from the heat of the Arizona sun.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • October 2018
  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the custom playground at Gilbert Regional Park in Gilbert Arizona.

[video: scene begins with a full elevated side panning view of the entire play area at Gilbert Regional Park. Children play all over the playground incorporated into the side of a hills side. Camera switches to an elevated view of a custom abstract design of a playground structure shaped like a mountain peak. Scene switches to a ground view of the mountain design play structure as children climb into and on the uniquely incorporated climbers.]

[video: the camera scans through climbers and ropes of kids play all over. The camera pans down from a belted climber over head down to other fun play activates inside the mountain play structure. A boy climbs down from a triangular shaped climber as children and parents voices indistinctly echo through the play structure.]

[video: a full view down onto a rounded square rope stepper embossed with the Landscape Structures logo. The camera comes into focus on a young girl as she holds onto side by side ropes and lifts herself to the next playing level. Scene switches to another girl as she sits and hangs on a climbing net inside the structure. She smiles to the camera as the sun peaks through the perforated breathable siding of the play structure.]

[video: scene switches back to a full elevated view of Gilbert Regional Park as children play all over the hillside. Camera angles changes to a ground view up the hill side. A large tubular slide with viewing skylights snakes down the hillside. Children and families play on the varies activities incorporated into the natural slop of the land. Scene switches to a top down view of a Roller Slide as a girl rides down to the bottom. Camera switches to a bird’s eye panning view of the play area at Gilbert Regional Park.]

[video: the scene switches again to a panning view across the play area suited for younger children. Families sit together on benches and picnic tables as their children play on climbers, tunnels, and slides. Children swing together in Assisted Bucket seat swings as two moms push their young daughters in the additional swing bay nearby. The camera pans up from the ground to a young boy as he sways back and forth on a Single Bobble Rider. Scene switches to a young girl as she pushes and pulls to increase the speed of the boy riding the Single Bobble Rider. They both giggler as they play together. Behind them a mother and daughter ride together on a Double Bobble Rider.]

[video: with a slightly elevated view the camera focuses on a Optigear Panel® then on a Xylofun Panel®. Scene switches to a focused view on a yellow concrete wall designed with a leaf like texture. The scene switches again to a young girl as she uses a custom climbing rope with SwiggleKnots to help her walk up the slanted hillside. Camera switches back to a full ground view of the hillside filled with children playing on all park activities.]

[video: a boy and girl swing together facing each other on a Friendship® Swing with mountain view in the background. With a view down the freestanding swing set area children play together on the many types of swings. Scene switches to the camera moving in closer to a cargo net rope connecter with a raised Landscape Structures signature logo on the side. Scene switches again to a girl as she slides down and away from the camera on the Roller Slide. The young girl now standing directly in front of the camera leans in close to peer into the camera lens.]

[video: with a slightly elevated view the camera pans away from the main hillside where the main play structures stand and glide over the ZipKrooz® zip line bays and freestanding swing set area. The screen changes to white as a single black line appears in the middle of the screen. The Exerplay playground representative company logo slides out from the right side of the black line. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out from the left side of the black line as takes appears below both logos reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. Video ends.]

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