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Frank Kent's Dream Park

Fort Worth, TX USA


Playground Overview

The sprawling inclusive playground at Frank Kent's Dream Park was the dream of three local moms as well as the Fort Worth community. This playground offers something for everyone! The centerpiece of this inclusive playground design is a concrete-sculpted DREAM climber, which has a slide exiting under the letter M. Fairy house-themed playstructures are accessible and have amazing details sculpted from concrete. A hot air balloon-themed play space for kids ages 2 to 5 has hillside slides, tunnels and more. Lots of freestanding play components like the Double ZipKrooz®, We-saw™, playground swings and net climbers.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • September 2018
  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the sprawling inclusive playground at Frank Kent’s Dream Park, the dream of three local moms as well as the Fort Worth community.

[video: scene fades into an overhead panning view of the inclusive Frank Kent’s Dream Park. Scene switches to a ground view of a playground structure designed like a whimsical play house with a large concreate climber spelling out the word “Dream” in an array of colors. The camera pans up a playground tower designed with custom side panels to look like an old barky tree with a magical face on the side. Scene switches to a view across the park of children as they play on a Swiggle Stix® Bridge. Camera switches to a group of children spinning and riding together on a Global Motion® spinner climber. The camera switches to an inside view of children running and spinning the Global Motion® climber from the outside. With an elevated camera angle, the camera quickly pans across the could shaped park welcome sign reading “Frank Kent’s Dream Park Fort Worth.”]

[video: a boy and girl stand in front of the tree trunk tower play structure as they talk to the camera.]

Boy: I’m 11 and what I like about Dream Park is that they have a workout course on the playground.

[video: the camera follows they boy as he climbs down a JigJag Climber. The boy then swings across a LolliLadder™ monkey bar set. Scene switches to the boy as he climbs across a Swiggle Stix® Bridge.]

Boy: It helps me train for a show I want to be on called an American Ninja Warrior.

[video: the camera fallows the boy as he runs, jumps, and rolls around the different playground play activities. The camera switches back to the girl as she begins to speak to the camera.]

Girl: And what I like about Dream Park is there is monkey bars that I know how to climb.

[video: camera switches to a woman as she gently pushes her daughter in an inclusive Molded Bucket Seat Swing. She talks to the camera about the park.

Woman: When I saw the Facebook post that the park was opening, I was in tears because we can’t do that stuff with her.

Woman voiceover: We have to leave her at home with a baby sitter because wood chips and strollers and you know hot slides stuff like that does not work for her.

[video: elevated view of the inclusive playground ramp leading into the whimsy style house play structure. The camera pans the lower play area below the house structure of a mom as she holds her young child’s hands and they walk under a tubular slide. Scene switches to an elevated view of a play area as children and parents play together. A young boy walks up a custom ladder with custom railings up into the house like play structure. The camera focuses on the boy’s feet as he steps up the planks of the ladder.]

[video: scene switches to a panning bird’s eye view over Frank Kent’s Dream Park. Camera switches back to the mother as she swings her daughter on the swing.

Woman: So, we came on opening day, we put her over here, we put her on that thing over there.

Woman voiceover: We can stroll around the whole thing, watch the kids while they play.

[video: the camera focuses on the face in the tree siding of a playground tower. Zooming in on the open mouth of the face showing a spinning Optigear Panel®.]

Woman voiceover: We put her in the little thing that goes all the way across, the zip line.

[video: Camera pans over the top of the two ZipKrooz® bays as children play. Camera switches back to the woman and her daughter.]

Woman: It was amazing.

[video: camera circles around the woman as she continues to push her daughter in the inclusive Full Bucket Seat Swing. Scene switches to a ground view up to two girls sitting on top of the “Dream” word climber. One girl speaks to the camera.]

Girl 2: I like it because it’s big and you can just run around and climb on stuff.

[video: with a ground view up to a girl standing at the top of one of the letters of the “Dream” word climber speaks to the camera.]

Girl 3: Everything that’s here and it’s so much fun.

Girl: Everybody can do it.

[video: a boy slides to the bottom of a tubular slide that comes out underneath the “M” of the “Dream” word climber. Scene switches to a hills side where a long custom Roller slide cascading down. A girl rides down the sensory slide. Scene switches to a view of a ZipKrooz® bay where a boy glides down the track on the disc swing. Scene switches to a full view of a Lunar Blast rope climber. The camera focuses in closer to the Lunar Blast rope climber as two children climb through the tangled ropes of the climber.]

[video: the camera pans up from the ground to a girl as she sways and wiggles back and forth on a custom Lillie pad Wobble Pod. The camera fallows a boy as he rides down a slide. Scene switches as the camera zooms past a boy as he plays at a Rhapsody® Warble® Chimes set. Scene switches as the camera circles around the playground swing set as three girls swing side by side.]

[video: a man jogs behind his son as he rides down the track of the ZipKrooz® zipline bay. The camera fallows the boy as he continues to glide down the track. Scene switches to the camera zooming into a two to five play area where children play on the different play activities. The camera views inside a craw tunnel as a boy climbs through. Two girls teeter back and forth together on the inclusive four seat Weesaw™ seesaw. Scene switches to a front view of a baby swinging in a infant swing. The baby giggles as their mother pushes them on the swing.]

[video: a girl giggles as she lies down on the circular Oodle Swing® as her father pushes her. Camera angle changes to a bird’s eye view of the girl as she continues to swing. A boy walks up to a telescope on the play structure with a natural branch guardrail. Two girls sit in the seats across from each other gently swinging on a Friendship swing. Camera switches to being mounted to a chain on the Friendship swing pointing down towards one of the girls as they continue to swing. Camera switches again and is mounted to the top of the ZipKrooz® zipline disc swing. A boy smiles as he rides down the track.]

[video: a baby sits in an infant swing as they gently swing back and forth, the baby screeches with excitement. Scene fades to an elevated sped up pan towards the main whimsy house play structure with “Dream” word climber. Scene fades to a girl spinning on a Saddle Spinner. The camera spins with the girl as she smiles and giggles with joy. The screen fades to white, a black line appears in the middle of the screen. The Whirlix logo slides out from the right side of the line as the Landscape Structures logo slides out from the left. Text appears below both logos reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. Video ends.]


Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

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