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Enterprise Elementary School

Enterprise, FL USA


Playground Overview

Enterprise Elementary School is home to a playground that mimics SpongeBob SquarePants' hometown of Bikini Bottom. The signature playground came to the school after Madison Hern, a 5th grade student, entered the 2012 Nickelodeon™ (I Wanna Play) sweepstakes and won the grand prize playground makeover. The design includes a concrete pineapple—SpongeBob's house—Squidward's house, which is reminiscent of an Easter Island Head, a Cozy Dome® to represent Patrick's house, and many colorful, flower-shaped climbers and extras. During the grand opening, SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward even made an appearance!

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the grand opening of the custom SpongeBob SquarePants themed playground at Enterprise Elementary in Enterprise Florida.

[video: custom DigiFuse welcome sign is seen with playground in background. Sign reads: Welcome to the Enterprise Elementary playground, this playground has been designed for children five to twelve years old and requires users to have sufficient strength and coordination. Adult supervision is strongly recommended. Camera switches to a large banner reading Nickelodeon. The banner has icons of rollerblades, guitars, sunglasses, cameras, footballs, tennis rackets, and books all over it. Camera switches to a different custom DigiFuse sign that reads: Winner of the 2012 I wanna play sweeps, special thanks to Madison Hearn who entered her school to win! Sign has an image of SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon show character.]

[video: camera switches to a close-up of the Cozy Dome where a custom DigiFuse panel of the cartoon character Patrick sticks out from the entrance of the dome. Camera pans vertically up the play structure shaped like cartoon character Squidward’s home which is the shape of an Easter Island head. Camera close-up of a full size DigiFuse Squidward cut out. Camera pans up to a full size DigiFuse SpongeBob cartoon character cut out. Camera pans right to left of a large round tip star shaped playground climber. Camera pans some vertical crawl tubes off the playground structure and a custom bubble panel with DigiFuse cut out of the cartoon character Sandy the squirrel.]

[video: camera switches to a crowd of children cheering and running towards SpongeBob and Patrick mascot characters. Children gather in front of the Patrick mascot to give hugs and high fives. Children scream and yell Patrick’s name. Camera close-up as a young girl hugs the SpongeBob mascot. The Patrick mascot walks over to the Cozy Dome with his DigiFuse character cut out and jumps up and down waving his arms. A crowd of children follow him to the Cozy Dome. Camera pans across the playground of the play structure designed to look like SpongeBob’s pineapple shaped home and Squidward’s Easter Island Head shaped home. Children climb and play all over and around the playground. Camera pans the playground where a double slide, vertical climbing tube and a Gyro Twister is located. Children climb and spinner on the playground equipment. Camera switches to a full view of the vertical tube climber and the double slide as children run around the play. Two girls spin on the Gyro Twister together in slow motion.]

[video: children run to the play structure. Camera zooms in on two girls smiling and spinning in slow motion on a Gyro Twister. Camera view is from the ground as a girl spins herself on a Saddle Spinner. Camera pans down from the top of the Cozy Dome to the Patrick shape DigiFuse panel. Two young boys kneel to crawl inside the Cozy Dome. Camera views up the play structure where the vertical crawl tunnel, Cliff Climber and Double Swoosh Slide are located. A girl climbs up the Cliff Climber. Camera switches to the area of the playground where the Logo Climber and Lollipop Climber are located. Two girls stand on the playground decking looking around the playground. Camera switches to underneath the playground decking by the Lollipop Climber. A girl jumps up underneath the Lollipop Climber to grab the top rungs of the climber. A young girl jumps from a Wobble Pod to another Wobble {od in front of the SpongeBob’s pineapple shaped house. A girl spins herself on a Saddle Spinner. Children laugh and yell in the background.]

[video: camera close-up of children’s feet as they jump and step on the wobble pods. Camera switches to the side of the playground where the Double Swoosh Slide is located. A girl slides down one of the double slide lanes. Children stand by the SpongeBob shaped DigiFuse panel. Camera shows a girl stepping across the short straight balance beams in front of Squidward’s home to look like wood stepping planks. A girl climbs up the sling shot climber ropes to the playground deck. Camera close-up of a young boy’s face as he smiles at the camera. A group of children gather on playground steps where the Spongebob mascot stands and interacts with the kids. A kid exits the tubbed El slide in slow motion. The Patrick mascot jumps up and down as a crowd of children chant his name. The crowd of kids jump up and down with the Patrick mascot. The children are gathered for a group photo in front of the playground. The Squidward, Patrick and SpongeBob mascots stand in the back row of the group. All the children raise their hands up and cheer.

[video: children wave and yell goodbye to the SpongeBob mascot standing by his pineapple shaped home playground structure. The SpongeBob mascot waves to the children. A boy runs up the SpongeBob mascot and gives him a high five.]

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