More Sports and Fitness Equipment

Our sports and fitness equipment provides plenty of opportunities for children to get fit in the outdoors! These freestanding fitness components are the perfect addition to your park, school or community playground as they are seen as fun for children, while parents appreciate the healthy benefits.

Choose from multiple options for balance beams that children will love testing themselves on -- can they make it from one end to the next? Pull-up bars like the Chin-Up, Spring-Up and Power Lifter™ offer upper-body strengthening, and the Power Lifter™ comes in numerous bays so kids can have contests side-by-side. The Horizontal Ladder is exercise equipment masked as traditional monkey bars, which also provides upper-body conditioning and coordination. 

Looking to improve hand-eye coordination? The Drop Shot is like a twist on a basketball hoop, encouraging ball-handling skills and teamwork.

Interested in more types of outdoor exercise components? See all our lines of fitness equipment.