FitCore™ Extreme

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Bringing extreme fitness to the great outdoors

Extreme fitness is gaining popularity based on current TV shows, and now you can create your own custom fitness course using combinations of pre-designed challenges to encourage kids, teens and adults to get and stay fit. Each piece can also be a challenging obstacle for freerunning.

  • Multiple fitness options available for children ages 5 to 12 and teens/adults ages 13+
  • Promotes whole body fitness and agility with options for users of varied fitness and skill levels
  • High-quality equipment is engineered and manufactured for durability for high traffic, outdoor use

Contact your Landscape Structures consultant to create a fitness course that's perfect for your community. 

Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video featuring FitCore Extreme Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

[video: Man in work out close runs and jumps from angled platform to platform of FitCore Extreme Quintuple Steps. "Fitness Hero" text overlays video.]

voiceover: There's a fitness hero in all of us...

[video: split screen. "FitCore Extreme" text bold overlays video. Top screen man hangs and climbs towards camera from FitCore Extreme Jump Hang cargo net. Bottom screen man hops through FitCore Extreme Spiderwalk walls.]

voiceover: and FitCore Extreme sets the stage.

[video: Man with glasses shimmies across FitCore Extreme Ledge Hanger.]

[video: multiple screen images flicker back and forth of FitCore Extreme Wheel Bridge.]

voiceover: innovative outdoor obstacle course designs.

[video: split side by side screen. Left screen has an elevated view of FitCore Extreme Rope Climb. Right screen shows a women declining off of FitCore Extreme A-Frame Cargo Net.]

voiceover: customized for a range of fitness and skill levels.

[video: camera screen zooms to man swinging on monkey bars.

Man: I think it's exciting. [video: camera switch to man speaking to camera. camera switch to man climbing FitCore Rope Climb. Camera switch to man with glasses on FitCore Ledge Hanger. Camera switch to man hanging and hand hopping across FitCore Extreme Unstable Bridge, ]

Man: This will be the first thing that I've ever seen in this area with obstacles that not only challenge you physically, but also functionally.

[video: man jumps onto FitCore Extreme Rope Climber.]

voiceover: master each obstacle, enjoy a friendly competition...

[video: camera switch to split screen. Top screen man hand over hand makes his way across FitCore Extreme Wheel Bridge. Bottom screen man reaches top of A-Frame Cargo Net and flips his body over to the other side.]

voiceover: master each obstacle, enjoy a friendly competition... [video: camera switch to split screen. Left screen man climbs up A-Frame cargo net. Right screen different man climbs up A-Frame cargo net.]

voiceover: and reach our personal best. [video: zooms out to man climbing Rope Climb. Camera switch to full view of Ledge Hang as man starts at the beginning of the most difficult ledges to cross.]

[video: camera fallows man has he jumps from platform to platform on Quintuple Steps and jump off with a spinning flip. "FitCore Extreme" text bold overlays video.]

voiceover: create a fitness course, that's perfect for your community.

FitCore™ Extreme Equipment for Ages 13+

FitCore™ Extreme Equipment for Ages 5 to 12