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Rosedale Community Center Playground

Washington, DC USA


Playground Overview

The playground at Rosedale Community Center provides a fully inclusive play experience for children and families who visit. In addition to the extensive ramping system, which makes the playstructure accessible to those in wheelchairs, the playground also offers many sensory-rich activities including playground climbers, slides, gliders and play panels. The inclusive playground was also designed to mimic many of the monuments located near the National Mall. Some of the signature design elements included are façades of the White House, U.S. Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Plus, components with hints of the Hirshhorn Museum, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Natural History Museum, and the Air and Space Museum were also built in.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features a Landscape Structures monument and government building themed playground at the Rosedale Community Center in Washington D.C.

[video: fade in to an elevated inclusive playground decking leading up to the main playground structure. Playground posts are designed like evergreen trees on the playground ramp. Camera switch to a playground roof shaped and designed like the top of the Washington Monument. Camera switch to a view of the elevated inclusive playground decking with evergreen tree designed posts. Camera switches to a view of the playground structure made to look like the Lincoln Memorial. Camera zooms in on the DigiFuse panel shaped and printed like the Abraham Lincoln memorial statue.  Camera switches to a full view of a rock climber with a DigiFuse panel incorporated into it with the image of the carved Martin Luther King. Jr Memorial statue.]

[video: pan across a sensory play wall with Rain Sound Wheel Panel, Fun Mirror Panel, and Xylofun music play panel. Camera pans across to DigiFuse panel printed with different American war planes with their aviation statistics. Camera pans across the playground area designed like a NASA space shuttle. Camera switch to a close up of an elevated spiral spinning wheel. Camera switch to the top of a playground roof that is designed like the Capital building. Close-Up of the capital building playground roof gold statue.]

[video: camera pans right following the inclusive playground ramp system and Sway Fun up to the different playground designed monuments. A woman pushes a young girl on the inclusive OmniSpin playground spinner. A young girl smiles through the rungs on a railing on the White House playground structure. A young girl spins a wheel on a play panel. The young girl sits at the top of the playground decking on the space shuttle play structure. She waves her arm back and forth like a dance as she sits.]

[video: camera switch to a full view of the playground structure as a young girl spins on a Saddle seat spinner. Another young girl runs past her to the other empty Saddle spinner. Close up of the young girl as she spins on the Saddle seat spinner. Side view of a woman as she slides down a slide, and young girl follows and slides down after her. The young girl begins to climb up a Lollipop climber. Camera pans down the inclusive playground decking system. Camera switches to a slightly elevated view of the playground where the Washington Monument roofing and SpyroSlide is located.]

[video: and young boy walks under the loop monkey bars. He jumps up and briefly hangs from the loop. He lets go and continues to walk away. Another young boy plays on the Ring Pull up handles. He lifts his legs and flips his body around and lands on his feet. Camera switches to a front view as the boy flips himself again on the Ring Pulls. A young boy standing on the playground decking leans on the railing. He smiles and the camera and then jumps back. Two boys walk up to a girl as she flips herself around on the Ring Pulls. Side view of a young boy as he slides down a roller slide.]

[video: A young girl spins herself on the Saddle seat spinner. A girl crawling under the playground structure peaks out from under a DigiFuse panel printed like a stone wall. Camera switch to a close-up of a drawstring back pack with the Landscape Structures logo printed on it. Camera zooms in across the playground at a boy as he swings his legs and body from the monkey bars. He swings his body forward releasing his hands from the bar and lands on the ground. He runs over to the other side of the monkey bars and lifts himself up onto the playground decking. The camera follows as they boy runs around the playground decking. He jumps of the playground decking and racing around he play structure back to the camera. He frog hopes over a pod stepper and almost loses his balance but he recovers. He runs towards the camera and does a forward flip landing in a sitting position. He pops up breathing heavily. He circles around the camera regaining his breathe. The boy rests his hands on his knees as he pants for air.]

Camera man: Let’s see those muscles again.

[video: The boy pulls back his polo t-shirt sleeve and flexes his biceps. Fade to black, Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading: Better playgrounds. Better world.]

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