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Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Rockford, MN USA


Playground Overview

Families flock to this big woods-themed playground in Rockford, Minnesota, and it’s no wonder why. For kids ages 5 to 12, this beautiful locale hosts a nature-inspired PlayBooster® with three unique levels to explore and a giant, must-ride slide. The giant split log invites climbing, crawling, hiding and just hanging out. Kids will delight in discovering all of the critters hiding in the concrete caves, log holes and other secret nooks and crannies. Can you spot the eagle watching from above?

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • January 2010
  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Landscape Structures playground at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Rockford Minnesota.

[video: fade in on a weathered wood piece with white painted words on it. Plank reads: Lake Rebecca Kids Club. A small fake red bird is mounted to the wood plank. Fade out to a full view of the Lake Rebecca playground area. Fade out to a realistic bald eagle statue sitting on a nest. Fade out to children climbing all over a custom concrete hallowed downed tree playground climber. Fade to a realistic raccoon head carving peeking out of a hole in the Kiddie Cabin. Fade out to a full view of the large Kids Club Cabin playground structure.]

[video: camera pans down a stump with a playground sign incorporated. Sign reads: Big Woods Play Area, Animal Find, Plant Id. The sign has multiple images of different native animals and their names. There are also images of indigenous plants and their names on the sign. Fade to a Pileated woodpecker carving in the hole of a playground climber. Fade to children exiting the long tube slide and running up the hill to the playground structure.]

[video: two boys inspect the stump playground sign with the animals and plants images. Children run all around and climb up the playground stairs. Camera pulls back for a full view of the bottom of the two-story playground Kids Club Cabin playground structure. Children run up and down the hill next to the large tube slide. Two boys climb on the large stump pile climber.]

[video: a boy runs up the cut log pile stairs up into the Kiddie Cabin. Three boys sit inside the Kiddie Cabin. A boy walks up to cabin play stove.]

Boy: We got to get some more smoking.

[video: camera zooms in on a sign on the cabin wall made to look like an old calendar. Boys stand in front of the cabin fire place mantel where different items sit. A boy points to each item saying its name.]

Boy: Matches, lantern, books, and a mouse, and a fire thing.

[video: to boys peek their heads through the cabin window from the outside. They laugh at the boys inside the cabin. All the children laugh in the cabin. Camera zooms in on a cast iron skillet hanging on the cabin wall. A boy’s hand tries to move the skillet, but it doesn’t budge. Camera zooms in on a log saw hanging up on the cabin wall. A boy runs in front of the camera to talk to the children sitting on the cabin counter below the saw. The boy has an indistinct conversation with the two girls.]

[video: four kids sit inside a rock climber cave. They wave and smile at the camera saying hello. Camera zooms in on the kids as they sit in the cave and wave at the camera. A young girl climbs up a rock climber. Camera pans across the top of a large rock climber. A boy runs and jumps on the top of the climber. He lands with his hands and feet on the rock and then slides down to stand on a rock ledge.]

[video: A group of kids rush to a rock climber up to the Kids Club Cabin playground structure. A girl stands up from the bottom of the small log slide off the Cabin playground. A girl looks through the log shaped telescope at the top of the Cabin playground. The girl off camera shouts.]

Girl: There’s a baby deer!

[video: camera switches to a fawn statue bedded down in the playground mulch. Four children gather around the fawn. They pet the fawn statue. A girl looks up at the camera.]

Girl: A deer.

[video: camera zooms in on the fawn statue as the children continue to pet it. Camera switch to a full view of the back of the Kids Club Cabin playground structure. A girl climbs up the Log Stack climber. Camera zooms in on child’s feet as they stand on Log Stack climber. A boy enters the frame to speak to the boy standing on the climber.]

[video: A girl slides down the Log tunnel slide. She screams as she slides down away from the camera. A girl runs in front of the camera to slide down the slide. Camera looks out over the play area full of people from the Kids Club Cabin playground structure. Camera views up through a double sided vertical climbing ladder as a boy climbs up to the playground decking through the center of the playground. Children jump and climb around the large log cluster climber. Camera zooms in on children standing on mushroom steppers. A girl steps to the top of a slide from the Kiddie Cabin. She slides down the slide towards the camera. A mother stands over her son as she points and counts the plants on the information stump sign.]

Woman: One, two, three, four, five, six.

[video: camera zooms in on a baby as he points to a bird on the stump sign. Camera zooms in even closer as the boy continues to point to the bird on the stump sign.]

[video: camera switches to a child wearing a point of view camera. She walks up to a girl running around the playground.]

Girl: You’re being video tapped right now!

[video: the girl running stops and smiles at the girl wearing the camera. The girl wearing the camera walks up the playground steps up onto the first level of the Kids Club Cabin playgrounds structure. She looks up to the second deck of the playground. She looks out under the large tub playground slide. She walks over to the bottom of the large tub playground slide and shouts up into the slide.

Girl: Are you going to come?! [voice echoes]

[video: look up the inside of the slide a girl quickly slides down and shouts when she reaches the bottom raising her hands above her head. The girl wearing the camera walks through the large log crawl tunnel. She exits the log tunnel towards the Kiddie Cabin. She runs up to the Kids Club Cabin stairs. She grabs the log telescope at looks out at the playground below. She sits down at the top of the large tub playground slide. She slides down the slide. As she reaches the bottom the light beaming in through the bottom of the slide blinds the camera fading to white.]

[video: three children sit on a log bench while smiling and watching other children play. Camera fades onto a girl’s face as she squints. Fade in on a girl wearing glasses sitting in a rock climber cave.  She talks to a girl off camera.]

Girl: Just laugh, no we are being recorded.

[video: camera zooms in on a young boy’s face as he looks out at the playground, he sticks his tongue out of his mouth. Camera slowly pans right to left across the entire playground area as children play all around. Fade to black.]

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