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Fraser Valley Historic Playground at Fraser Valley Sports Complex

Fraser, CO USA


Playground Overview

This Western-themed playground is a PlayBooster® structure customized with Permalene® panels that bring the storefronts and stagecoach to life. There are plenty of activity options from the PlayBooster Ring-a-Ling™ Overhead Event to our Rollerslide, which brings a cool, sensory and inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities. Another fun feature of this playground is the realistic horse and canoe Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) sculpture where children can pretend they’re voyaging to another era.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • May 2016
  • Min Area Required

  • 62' x 37' (18,9 m x 11,28 m)

  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Fraser Valley Historic playground in Fraser Colorado made by Landscape Structures.

[video: scene opens to a sign made to look like an old piece of wood hanging from a wood post frame. Sign reads, welcome to our historic playground. Playground structures sit in background of the sign. A full view of the playground with children playing all around. Two children climb on the top of the spider web climber with accent Permalene feather cut outs to make it look like a dream catcher. Children play on the teepee shaped playground structures with foot steppers made to look like logs and traditional Native American pottery. One boy yells to another boy.]

Boy: Davis don’t do it!

[video: A young girl walks past the playground structure made to look like a big red stage coach. Camera zooms in on two girl’s feet as they stand and step over the foot steppers shaped and painted like Native American pottery. A young girl sits on top of a concrete statue horse and kicks his belly. Children play in a sandbox with a sky ways shade overhead. Michelle Lawrence the programming and marketing manager of Fraser Valley Recreational District speaks to the camera.]

Michelle: It has been such a great asset for us to have, since the day we opened it it’s been packed every day.

Michelle voiceover: People really like the history, the grandparents enjoy bringing their kids out so they can share some of the history of their county with their grandkids. I’ve noticed we’ve had some campers pull of the highway and during baseball games and things like that. We have neighboring towns that come to participate in those activities and they’re all on the playground.

[video: camera pans across the playground structures that are shaped and designed to look like old western town store fronts. To girls jump on the painted pot steppers in between the two teepee shaped playground structures. The camera view shoots through the spider web climber as a group of children gather on the two teepee structures for a group photo. Camera switches to an elevated panning view of the entire play area with a baseball and softball field in the background. An elevated panning view across the side of school house building structure where a boy swings on the Ring-a-Ling monkey bars. Camera continues to pan showing the spider web climber designed like a dream catcher and the two teepee playground structures in the background. Camera switches to the playground sandbox where children dig and make sand castles. Two children use the super scoop excavator shovels to dig holes in the sand. A young girl bounces back and forth on a horse spring rider. Camera quickly shows Michelle speaking to camera.

Michelle voiceover: Well, when we realized we had to replace the old playground we decided, let’s go big. And we had gone to some of the conferences and seen some of the playgrounds that Landscape Structures had did and thought, wow, we can really be creative and decided that we would really like to base it on the history of the county.

[video: an elevated view of the school house, Fraser Mercantile Co, and the Jail house playground structures. Camera switches to ground view of the back side of the three building structures where slides and climbers are located. Children run all around. Two boys play on the Fraser Mercantile Co double slide as another boy begins to climb on the Starburst Climber. Camera view rotates to the side of the school house structures where children walk past the camera and a young boy swings on the hangs on the Ring-a-Ling monkey bars. A young girl slowly slides down towards the camera on a roller slide. A young girl sitting on a painted pot stepper taps her hands on a taller stepper in front of her. Camera close up of the side of a horse statues face. Camera switches to a full view of the spider web climber with the teepee structures and stage coach structures in the background. Elevated view of the back side of the jail house where a girl stands at the top of the logo climber. A young girl spins around on a low chin up bar. Camera back to Michelle speaking the last view words of her voiceover.]

[video: young boy in stripped shirt speaks to the camera.]

Boy in stripped shirt: And my favorite thing to do on this exact playground is dig in the sandpit.

[video: camera switches to a young boy wearing a flat brimmed Colorado hat speaks to the camera.]

Boy wear hat: My favorite thing to do on this playground is… slide down the slides.

[video: camera switches to a boy wearing a grey sweatshirt speaks to the camera.]

Boy in sweatshirt: I am 12 years old and my favorite thing to do is go down the rolling slide.

[video: camera switches to a young boy with glasses and wearing a flat brimmed hat speaks to the camera.]

Boy wearing glasses: My favorite thing to do is climb on things.

[video: camera switches to a young boy wearing yellow. He twists his bracelet nervously on his wrist while he speaks to the camera.]

Boy wearing yellow shirt: Um…my favorite thing to do on this playground is…

[video: the boy pauses as a young girl whispers into his ear.]

Boy wearing yellow shirt: The monkey bars.

[video: camera switches to a young girl wearing a headband with a large bow on the front speaks to the camera.]

Girl wearing headband: My favorite thing and um… and um…

[video: the girl pauses and smiles at the camera. The camera man speaks off camera.]

Camera man: Oh no… you can’t remember.

Girl wearing headband: I can’t remember.

Camera man: I bet it’s a slide, right?

Girl wearing headband: Yes.

[video: she smiles with her answer.]

Camera man: Ah, I knew it was a slide.

[video: camera switches to two young girls standing side by side, the taller girl has her arm around her friend’s shoulder. The taller girl wearing a purple shirt speaks to the camera.]

Girl wearing purple shirt: And my favorite thing to do on the playground is the rollie slide.

[video: camera switches to a girl wearing an orange floral shirt speaks to the camera.]

Girl wearing floral shirt: One of my favorite thing to do at this park is the monkey bars.

[video: camera switches to a young girl missing her two front teeth and wearing a purple ball cap speaks to the camera.]

Girl wearing purple hat: I’m 6 and I like to do the roller slide.

[video: camera is placed on the horse spring rider facing the boy riding it. He bounces back and forth several times. A different boy begins to ride the horse spring ride with the camera placed in the same position. Camera is placed lower on the spring ride and pointing up towards the rider. The camera bounces with the young girl as she rides the horse spring rider. Camera pans down and away from the spider web climber. A young boy leans his upper body over the top of the climber looking down at another girl climbing up towards him. Another girl runs up to the climber and begins to climb as well. A top down view of the young girl wearing the head band slowly rolls down the roller slide.]

[video: camera switches, a young girl wears a helmet with the camera attached and facing the wearer. She jumps down from a climber and raises her arms up in the air.]

Girl wearing camera helmet: JUMPIN!

[video: she begins to walk around look for something to do. Her eyes dart all around. A boy wearing glasses runs after the girl wanting to get on camera.]

Girl wearing camera helmet: Ok. Um… I’m not filming you!

[video: camera is still being worn on the top of a helmet but is facing the opposite direction to show point of view of the wearer. The child wearing the camera jumps up the painted pot steppers up into the teepee playground structure. Scene switches to the child sliding down the teepee slide. The child begins riding the horse spring rider. A young boy runs into frame with his arms stretched straight out from his sides like an airplane. He runs out in front and past the child riding the horse spring rider. Children play in the sand bit in front of the spring rider. Scene changes to the child wearing the point of view camera as he reaches out his hands to grab the loops of the Ring-a-Ling monkey bars. He begins to swing rung to run, hand after hand comes into frame. Scene changes to the boy walking across the grid walk bridge to the Fraser Mercantile Co playground structure. He follows another boy walking across the bridge and has to squeeze past another boy to get to the end of the bridge. Scene changes to the boy climbing down the Starburst climbing. He looks up and down as he moves the placement of his hands and feet.]

[video: camera switches back to hand held as two boys stand at the top of a playground tower and wave at the camera. A young girl standing at the top of the spider web climber waves and smiles at the camera. A young boy wearing glasses poses for the camera with a smile and holding his hands up with two thumbs up. Another boy walks into frame and gives two thumbs up. Scene change to a full view of the entire play area as children play all around. Fade to black. Landscape Structures logo appears with text below reading, for a better tomorrow, we play today.]

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