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Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival - 2013

Lake Buena Vista, FL USA

Playground Overview

A new garden and children's play area called "Land of Oz" welcomes children ages 5 to 12 to this playground in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. An Evos® playsystem links to a PlayBooster® Vibe® for a unique play experience. Rainbow colored climbers, cityscape and flower post toppers, and flower pod steppers will stretch kids' imaginations and muscles. 

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the different themed playgrounds at the 2013 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando Florida.

[video: camera shoots out across a large manmade lake with the Epcot spaceship earth structure in the background. Camera switches to a closer view of the Epcot spaceship earth dome with water fountains in front of it. Scene changes to a fountain on the grounds. Camera close-up of fountain water jet streams. Camera location changes to underneath the Epcot monorail as it slowly goes by on its track overhead. Screen because a grid of different colored squares with text in each individual square. View zooms onto a blue square withe text reading. Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. A gold square slides in from the right with text reading, the festival runs through May 19th. A salmon colored square slides up from the bottom with text that reads, Walt Disney World in Florida.]

[video: a view of a Goofy shaped statue made of green bushes holds a large cake made of flowers. Camera switches to a Mickey Mouse statue made of green bushes and flowers as it holds a large cooking fork with a hotdog on the end. Camera switches to a Rafiki statue made of green bushes holding up a Simba shaped lion cub made of different colored gold flowers. Camera switches to a Monsters University arched metal sign between to towers. In front there is a Sully character shaped statue made up green blushes holding a Monsters University Flag. A Mike Wazowski statue made of green bushes and flowers stands next to a stack of books next to the Sully statue.]

[video: A pink square with text appears, on screen text reads, 30 million blooms blanket the park. A navy blue square sweeps in from the left, on screen text reads, 400 horticulturists help set up the festival. Camera is placed on a side walk overlooking a garden that stretches underneath the monorail and around a manmade pond. Camera pans up a garden of flowers. Camera comes into focus on a large orange plastic decorative flower. A red square with text appears on screen, text reads, Landscape Structures has had playground equipment. A pea green square scrolls up from the bottom with text that reads, at the festival for eleven years. A deep purple square scrolls up from the bottom with text reading, two thousand thirteen's festival has. Pink square slide in from the right with text that reads three playground areas.]

[video: a view of a hanging bander that reads, Welcome to Radiator Springs. A Mator character bush statue sits below the banner. A Lightning McQueen statue made of bushes is surrounded by a bed of yellow flowers. Camera view of a square multi sided sign reading Flower and Garden Festival. The movie cars theme playground is seen in background. A wall of orange navigator drive panels is in the middle of the Car’s theme playground.]

[video: children climb on side by side pointe and pinnacle rock climbers. Camera pulls back to a full view of the Car's theme playground. View of playgrounds steps up to a balcony look out deck. Camera zooms and follows the shoes of a child as they climb up a rock climber. A young girl slides down a double slide towards the camera.]

Young girl: Wee!

[video: a boy stands on a rock climber and speaks.]

Boy: I like the rocks.

[video: the camera does a close-up of a baby girl as she holds herself up on a playground post. Camera is elevated and looks down on a group of kids hop from one half tire stepper to the next in a circle. A camera shoots directly down as a young boy sitting on a rock climber looks up at the camera as children climb around him.]

[video: a natural them playground with log steppers has children playing all around it. A sign framed in logs reads Backyard Play Garden. A small GoGo Squeeze logo is at the bottom of the sign. Camera shoots across the play area to the log steppers where children are playing. A boy smiles and plays a skin top drum. Children gather inside a netted teepee. A young girl wearing pink sunglasses looks through a circular cut out of a wood sign, she smiles at the camera. The camera pans with a girl as she goes down a playground slide. A girl jumps and bangs on the skin top drum. Camera pans across the playground with a SkyWays shade overhead. A wood plank sign with different flash cards with pictures of different fruits explain the flavors of the GoGo Squeez products. The kids sit in the shade of a SkyWays shade, they wave and smile at the camera. Camera is placed outside the wood log fence and playground sign surrounding the Garden playground.]

[video: a green square fills the screen with text that reads, the "Land of Oz" Garden is. A blue square slide in from the right with text that reads, this year's main attraction. View zooms out to all the different colored squares with text on them.]

[video: a view down a side walk with fencing on either side of it where a large gold O is the entrance to the Oz themed playground. Camera zooms onto the gold sign that reads Disney The Great and Powerful. A hot air balloon basket sits askew in a garden of flowers to look as though it has crash landed. Camera pans right to left of the Oz themed playground structure. Camera pans across a large Oz Great and Powerful movie poster. The o-zone climber is customized with each ring as a different color to look like a rainbow. A shadow of a Oz cutout tower roof cascades over another tower roof shaped like the Emerald City skyline. Camera close-up of a A B C climber customized with the word Oz DigiFuse foot grip. A close-up view of a tower roof shade with the Oz cutout.  Camera view is from the ground looking up at larger than life flowers and tower roofs. Fade to black.]

[video: children run to the Oz themed playground. Camera pans over the top of two Cozy Domes with the main playground in the background. A girl stands up after exiting a cozy dome. A girl runs and jumps off a wobble pod as children climb on the o-zone climber behind her. A full view of the Oz playground structure with children playing on it. A girl ducks into the middle of a Gyro Twister. A boy pulls himself up to stand on a o-zone climber ring. Camera zooms in tight on a child’s face as they look at the camera and smirk. Two twin baby girls stand and look up at the playground. Camera close-up of a girl’s feet as she steps on the fake playground surface grass. A Color splash wheel spins quickly from children spinning it. A boy looks up at the panel as it spins. Camera switches to the side of the playground where the Spyro slide is located. A young girl smiles and begins to quickly walk towards the camera. A girl sits on top of a Cozy Dome. Camera pans right to left over both cozy domes with children sitting on the top of them.]

[video: a girl steps across flower shaped food steppers near the cozy dome. Three kids sit on top of a cozy dome. A girl sticks her hand in and out of a hole of the cozy dome. A girl sits on a o-zone climber ring. A side view of children climbs through the rings on the o-zone climber. Children climb towards the camera through the o-zone climber rings. Camera switches to full view of all three cozy domes with a SkyWays shade overhead. Camera close-up of a young girl’s feet as she walks down the Oz and flower climber ramp. Camera fallows young girl’s feet as she steps up playground steps. Top down view of the marble sensory panel as a girl below walks up to an hour glass sensory panel. Top down view as the camera follow a child as they slide down the Spyro slide. A young girl crawls through an elevated tunnel towards the camera. A child wears a point of view camera as they crawl through an elevated crawl tunnel.]

[video: A boy explains and shows how the hour glass panel works.

Boy: Like they both come up, like if one of them is full then you turn it over and its like that.

[video: three girls stand in front of the camera. One girl speaks to the camera.

Young girl: I like those things to climb on.

[video: camera pans over to another girl that begins to speak to the camera.]

Young girl 2: Oh yeah, I love the spiny thing, that thing over there that spins that you can spin on it. You really just do that and once you got your foot going it goes all by itself really. It's really fun.

[video: a boy sits on top of a o-zone climber ring with the large Oz movie poster in the background. A view from the sidewalk shows a garden of fake plastic red flowers with the cozy dome play area behind it. Children climb on the o-zone climber. Camera close up of a girl resting her face on her hands leaning on a o-zone climber ring and looking at the camera. A close up of the Oz cutout of a tower roof casting on another tower roof. Camera pans up a yellow brick road painted into the fake playground grass up to the Oz playground. Fade to black. Landscape Structure logo appears from glitter stars and text below reading better playgrounds, better world.]

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