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Blue Flame 47 Church

Bixby, OK USA


Playground Overview

Blue Flame 47 Church’s nature-inspired, inclusive playground is perfect for children of all ages and abilities. The Nook encourages children ages 6-to-23 months to explore their senses with the Music Notes Panel, Flower Marbles and Shape Sliders. Overhead this playground and it's visitors will be shaded by the SkyWays® Double Layer Hexagon.

A unique PlayBooster® playstructure for children ages 2-to-5 resembles a farm shed with an attached one-of-a-kind slide resembling a fallen tree. Children can use their imagination as they navigate their way through the unique playstructure. Sprawling in a green pasture outside the farm shed are custom glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete farm animals for little ones to interact with.

Meanwhile, children ages 5-to-12 can explore a PlayBooster® playstructure packed with natural looking steppers, climbers and slides. Freestanding play products like Global Motion® and the OmniSpin® Spinner connect children of all abilities. To round out the inclusive play experience, a nature-inspired sensory tunnel gives kids of all abilities a sensory-rich experience filled with color, light and texture.

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Playground Details

  • Age Ranges

    • 6 to 23 months
    • 2 to 5 Years
    • 5 to 12 years
  • Design Standards

  • ASTM
  • Installed

  • August 2019
  • Project Price Range

  • Pricing for custom playground equipment varies. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the farm and nature themed playgrounds of the Blue Flame 47 Church in Bixby Oklahoma.

[video: scene fades into a view of a pasture filled with feeding horses of many colors. Scene switches to two old tree stumps holding a wood sign reading “Roots”. Camera switches to a play area with realistic sheep and chicken concrete sculptures. The camera focuses on a chicken sculpture that looks like it is eating corn off the ground. The camera focuses in closer on the chicken’s head showing the detailed texture and painting that makes it so life like. Scene switches and focuses on the realistic sheep sculpture laying on a bed of hay. The camera focuses in closer on the sheep’s detailed textured face. Scene switches to a second chicken sculpture that looks to be walking around the play structure.]

[video: the camera pans and switches around the play structure designed with DigiFuse® panels made to look like the outside of a farmhouse. A Sensory Play Tunnel stands on its own with DigiFuse® panels arching over to give the feel of walking through a forest. The camera switches to a side view of the Sensory Play Tunnel showing its unique leaf skylight cut outs. The camera pans the inside leaf cutouts with red and green acrylic coverings giving a nice warm glow as the sun shines through.]

[video: scene switches to a full view of a large two-tiered tower structure with nature themed barriers and a tree canopy like roof top. The scene switches to a play area for younger children with a large many paneled shade system above. The camera focuses on a Smart Play® Nook mini house that is placed under the large shade system.]

[video: the camera focuses on custom ramp barrier guardrail to look as it is made of tree branches. Camera switches to a view of a large tree set next to an Oodle® Swing. Scene fades out and back in from black switching to an areal overhead view of a red barn like building, parking lot and a path leading the large nature themed playground in the back. The camera switches to an areal slow pan towards and over the two play areas of the playground as children play all around.]

[video: a young boy runs up the concrete sheep sculpture.]

Boy: Ooo a sheep!

[video: he turns around and turns towards the chicken.]

Boy: And a chicken!

[video: a young girl seated on a Saddle Spinner pumps her feet to slowly spin herself counterclockwise. The camera looks down onto a group of kids as they try to catch a small toad on the artificial grass of the playground. A boy gently picks up the small toad sits down and proceeds to show their other children around him.]

[video: a young girl climbs up a Wood Plank Wiggle Ladder onto the tower structure. Scene switches to a young boy as he hops down from the steps of a Tree Stump Transfer Module. He jumps down onto the realistic concrete tree stump and off onto the artificial playground grass. The camera switches to the boy as he climbs up the custom ABC Climber with Permalene® leaf and ladybug footholds.]

[video: a group of children spin together on the inclusive OmniSpin® Spinner. The camera focuses in on the center of the OmniSpin® Spinner where the Landscape Structures logo has been incorporated into spinners plastic. Scene switches to a full view of children playing and spinning together on a Global Motion® spinner. A young girl walks and pushes the spinner as other children stand and sit on the ropes of the globe shaped spinner enjoying the ride.]

Child: Wooh!

[video: the camera pans from the top inner sitting level of the Global Motion® down the lower level as it spins with children. Scene switches to a boy and other children as they sit on the still Global Motion® spinner. He speaks to the camera.]

Boy: I’m twelve and what I like about this playground is that it’s big enough and there’s a lot of fun stuff.

[video: left to right areal pan over the entire play area of the playground. Camera switches back to the children on the Global Motion® as a young girl now speaks to the camera.]

Girl: I’m 5 and I like this playground and I want to stay here forever.

[video: a second girl on the Global Motion® now speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Girl 2: I’m 5 and I like that this playground is so big that it has so many things.

[video: camera does areal pan of the playground.]

Girl 2: I just want to stay here for the rest of the day.

[video: a second boy sits and speaks to the camera from the Global Motion®.]

Boy 2: I’m 7 years old and I like that big tower thing of this playground.

[video: the boy points off into the distance. The camera switches to a full areal view of the 5 to 12-year-old play area of the playground fill with swings, spinners, and a large tower structure with ramps, slides, and climbers. The camera switches back to the Global Motion® where a third boy speaks to the camera about the playground.]

Boy 3: What I like about this playground is the monkey bars and the slides.

[video: a boy and girl simultaneously ride down the two connected slides of the Gemini SlideWinder2®. Two boys sit at the top of the Gemini SlideWinder2® as one of the boy shouts.]

Boy: Ready set, go!

Boy 2: Wooh!

[video: a girl spins the wheel of a Rain Sound Wheel Panel™, internal beads fall inside the panel making the sound of falling rain. The camera walks towards a young boy as he bangs on the top of a Rhapsody® Kettle Drum Junior. Scene switches to a boy as he holds a camera facing himself. He begins to walk around the playground. He walks through the Sensory Play Tunnel as the scene goes into slow motion. The scene speeds up as he walks back out into the open. He smirks as the scene fades to black. The scene fades back into an aerial view of the 2 to 5-year-old play area of the playground. Children and parents play below on the playground. Camera switches to a top down view of the large multi panel shade over one of the play areas.]

[video: parents and children play on the swings and nature inspired play structure of the 2 to 5-year-old play area. Camera switches to a view of the Smart Play® Nook mini playhouse. A woman kneels behind a baby girl as she sits at a side table playing with interactive shape sliders while another young girl walks out from the Nook house structure. The camera focuses on the baby and the woman as the baby continues to spin and move the shapes of the sensory table.]

[video: a young girl stands on one side of the open Imagination Table™ panel as a woman kneels on the opposite side.]

Woman: What kind of flavors do you have in this ice cream shop?

[video: a young girl points and traces her finder on a protruding spiral shape on the side of a Marble Panel®. Scene fades out to a girl sitting in the center of a DigiFuse® Hole Panel as her hair is blow in the wind in slow motion. Scene fades out to a young girl as she leans on the Imagination Table™ panel staring at the camera. She smiles and turns to walk away from the panel in slow motion. The screen goes white.

[video: fade to black. Text appears reading: Better playgrounds, better world. The Landscape Structures logo appears and replaces the text. A vertical black line appears in the center of the screen. ACS Playground Adventures logos slides out from the black line to the right of the screen. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out to the left of the screen. Text below both logos appear reading: For a better tomorrow we play today. Video ends.]


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