Playground Exercises

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A healthy, active lifestyle starts with everyday, sometimes ordinary decisions. Elevator or stairs? Parking your vehicle close to the front door or walking across the parking lot for extra steps? Individually these choices seem minor, but collectively they can contribute to a healthier lifestyle with improved overall health and well-being.

You have choices when designing your playground too, and intentionally planning your playground to include outdoor fitness equipment encourages adults and kids to get moving. Whether your playground visitors are experienced fitness enthusiasts or new to exercise, our wide range of fitness playground equipment will inspire all ages and abilities to make positive choices that improve their health.

Step-Ups / Bench Jumps

PlaygroundExercise2_350.jpgFind an elevated surface like the height of one or two steps or a playground bench or deck. Simply step on to the elevated surface and step back down again switching legs with each rep. This plyometric movement will build strength and muscle. For a high impact, higher intensity workout, jump to the elevated surface and step back down again.

Tricep Dips

playground-exercise-bench.JPGA park bench is a great place for strengthening triceps through dips. Place hands on the edge of the bench with feet in front — difficulty increases as feet are further from the bench. Lower your body and press back up again, working your arms and triceps.

Inclined Push-Ups

PlaygroundExercise4_350.jpgSwings can add a challenging twist to the traditional push-up. Put feet in the seat of the swing, toes facing down, and place hands on the ground. Lower your body to the ground and push back up again. This movement can also be performed on a park bench, placing feet on the bench versus a swing.

Ab Tuck

PlaygroundExercise5_350.jpgFor an ab and core workout, place feet in a swing and hands on the ground. From a plank position, move feet toward hands into an ab tuck and straighten legs back out again. For a more intense workout, hold the ab tuck position longer.


PlaygroundExercise6_350.jpgA straight bar of any height can work for a traditional or modified pull-up. From a hanging position, pull your chin above the bar. A lower bar can be used for a modified pull-up by lightly using your legs to assist in getting your chin above the bar. Switch your grip for a chin-up and target a slightly different muscle group.

Wall Sit

PlaygroundExercise7_350.jpgFind any straight vertical surface like the back side of a climbing wall or the wall of a nearby shelter. Place your back flat against the wall and lower your body into a seated position. Hold that position without placing your hands on your knees. Release and rest from the seated position as needed before performing the wall-sit again.

Elevated Single-Leg Lunges

Using a bench, put one leg behind you, toes on top of the bench. Keeping your chest vertical, lower your body until your leg on the ground is at a 90-degree angle. Repeat this motion for several reps and switch legs.

Climbing Wall

Build finger, grip, and leg strength by tackling the climbing wall. For an added challenge, time yourself and try to beat your time with each climb.

The "L" Hold

Using the playground’s parallel bars, position your hands slightly ahead of you. Lift legs to hip height or higher. Hold this position as long as you can and repeat. Rest as long as needed in between reps.

More playground fitness equipment

If you’re looking to add a more complete playground fitness system or fitness obstacle course to your school or community playground, we offer the HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness System and FitCore™ Extreme. Both are designed for all athletic abilities from beginners to intermediate, all the way to advanced.


Designed for ages 13 and older, HealthBeat uses the latest exercise methodologies to provide a tailored workout for teens and adults of all fitness levels building strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. HealthBeat offers several fitness stations to accommodate accessibility needs, making these heart-healthy exercises available to everyone in the community. Many communities are installing HealthBeat next to parks, trails, or in conjunction with existing playgrounds.

Our FitCore Extreme playground fitness equipment promotes whole body fitness and agility. With FitCore Extreme, communities can create configurable high-intensity strength training courses to encourage kids, teens, and adults to get and stay fit. FitCore Extreme features multiple pre-designed challenges to test and engage children ages 5 to 12 as well as teens and adults.