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  • North Charleston Unveils Inclusive Playground, a Haven for All Abilities

    Posted: Nov 11

    What stuck out to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey was the uniqueness of the space. “Park Circle's unique," Summey said. "We wanted to have something that everyone could do." And now, North Charleston has a playground for people of all ages and abilities. “The ball field is all-inclusive," Summey said. "It's where kids in wheelchairs can play ball. It's designed to do that. The playground is all-inclusive as well. It's designed where children with needs children without needs, and adults even can play with their children."

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  • Paralympian Visits Playground in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

    Posted: Nov 30

    The joy we find as kids on the playground is something former Team USA Paralympian Jill Moore says she missed out on as a kid.

    "I didn't go to playgrounds growing up," Moore shared. "They were never going to be the spaces that showed some of the best things about me."

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  • Discover the Future of Playground Design

    Posted: Nov 22

    Well-designed play brings everyone together. It’s a philosophy that has guided Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures Inc. in creating some of the most original and enchanting playgrounds around the world. As landscape architects and playground designers, the company believes in crafting spaces that are not just play areas but imaginative worlds for children.

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  • St. Paul City Council Approves Unique Inclusive Playground

    Posted: Oct 31

    The St. Paul, Minnesota City Council just approved a multi-million dollar redevelopment project near Allianz Field.

    The first part of it includes a playground that focuses on including everyone in playtime. It will be St. Paul's largest inclusive playground with more than 25 different types of activities.

    Longtime manufacturer Landscape Structures is partnering with Flagship Recreation to create the playground meant for all abilities.

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  • St. Paul's Go-To Playground Designers Take a Big Cue from the Disabled

    Posted: Oct 31

    Jill Moore’s wheelchair doesn’t prevent her from exploring parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. In fact, as an inclusive play specialist for Minnesota-based playground designer Landscape Structures, she’s developed an expertise in noodling through landscapes that able-bodied people sometimes take for granted, searching for access opportunities and impediments designers might have overlooked, or as she puts it, “connecting the lived experience with the design.”

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  • Creating Opportunities for Adaptive Recreation

    Posted: Oct 19

    While more and more new playgrounds are being designed with inclusivity in mind, many older playgrounds don’t have equipment and features to support adaptive play for all. If your favorite local playground is one of them, just know there are options for updating. One option that can be especially appealing is to retrofit the existing playstructure.

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  • The Power of Age-Appropriate Challenges in Playgrounds

    Posted: Sep 26

    In an ideal world, every playground would strike a harmonious balance between challenge and safety. Unfortunately, this equilibrium isn’t always easy to achieve. The culprits? Parental concerns and increasingly stringent design standards that limit creativity and adventurous play equipment. But why is this balance so crucial?

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  • Delano's Landscape Structures builds some of the biggest playgrounds here and abroad

    Posted: Sep 18

    Landscape Structures' (LSI) local staff of around 500 — plus a select group of Twin Cities test kids — have shaped the way children play, from Shoreview to Brooklyn, N.Y., to Singapore.

    LSI builds 1,500 to 2,000 playgrounds a year for cities, schools, and private companies across the country and internationally. They can range from tens of thousands of dollars for small pocket parks to millions for destination playgrounds.

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