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Grab your best beach buddy and ride the wild surf on this wondrously wavy playstructure. Kids will love creating seaworthy adventures as they sail across the Tidal Wave Climber, wind their way down curvy slides and hop-hop-hop over the Pod Climber®. A cool color palette accentuates this flowy design that honors the graceful motion of ocean waves. Young imaginations are encouraged to go with the watery flow as they surge forth to encounter marine life, discover buried treasure and explore the oceans of activity built into the Smart Play® BeachComber®. Introduce this seaside attraction to any playground for hours of nautical fun—no sand required!

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  • Project Price Range

  • $40K-$59K

    Pricing reflects only the equipment shown in the 3D render above. For international and exact pricing, please contact your local playground consultant.

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Playground products shown in video may not be appropriate for every age group. Playsystems shown in video are for demonstration purposes only. Product configurations may vary.

Video features the Smart Play BeachComber® play structure at Up North Learning Center in Walker Minnesota.

[video: scene begins as light music plays in the background. A view of a playground post with two half circle shaped sign panels welcoming guest to the playground. The sign panels have playground information and warnings listed on them. Camera switches to an elevated full view of the play area equipped with the BeachComber® beach wave themed play structure and inclusive four-person seesaw and multiple rider spinner. Scene switches to a ground view of the BeachComber® structure. A girl bangs on a drum panel. Scene switches to a girl as she swings from rung to rung of a monkey bar set underneath an overhead bridge. Camera switches to a view of the play structure at the bottom of a large wide deep blue slide. Children climb and play all over the structure.]

[video: a young girl climbs across an arch belted climber to a rope climber connecting to the playground decking. The camera focuses on a girl as she plays with small orange fish that slide up and down a play panel. The camera zooms in to the girl’s hand as she slides one of the orange fish up the panel. Scene switches to a girl as she riders down the large wide slide of the play structure.]

Girl: Wee! Ahh!

[video: the camera rotates slowly to the right with a full bird’s eye view of the entire fenced in play area. With a ground view focuses up at the top of the large blue slide a boy sits, he pushes off with his hands as he glides down the slide. The camera pans down following him as he reaches the bottom of the slide. Two girls climb across on of the arched belted climbers stabilizing themselves with rope hand holds on either side of them. Scene switches to a boy as he speaks to the camera.]

Boy: I’m five and a half, I like all the parts of the playground.

[video: camera pans left to right with an elevated view of the BeachComber® structure. Children run and climb across the wave inspired belted climbers.]

Camera man: What do you like the most?

[video: back to boy speaking.]

Boy: The climbing stuff.

[video: a young girl with colorful purple and blue classes speaks to the camera.]

Girl: I like the slide.

[video: full ground view of the BeachComber® play structure as children play on the slides and climbers. A girl riding down the slide yells “Wee!”. Camera switches to a view of the top of the slide from the playground deck. A girl rides down the slide.]

Girl 2 off camera: I like how wide the slide is.

[video: a girl standing on a stepping bridge talks to the camera about the playground.]

Girl 3: And I’m seven, I like going on the monkey bars.

[video: camera switches to the girl as she smiles at the camera while swinging on the rungs of the monkey bars. Scene switches to a girl on the play structure as she talks to the camera.]

Girl 4: And what I like about the playground is that there isn’t just a whole set of monkey bars, and everything is connected.

[video: camera focuses on a girl as she climbs on the wave like belt climbers and rope climbers on the structure. The camera pans over to another girl as she jumps from the arched belted climber down to a belted hammock like climber below. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the fenced in play area next to a brick building with blue and grey accents. Camera switches back to the play structure as a boy steps off a belted bridge with other smaller belt steppers branching off of itself. The camera focuses on children’s feet as the sway and wiggle the arched belt climber. A girl quickly rides down the large blue slide.]

Girl: Wee!

[video: two girls ride side by side on a double waved slide. A boy hands upside down from the arched belted climber. He holds onto the rope side rails as he talks to a girl standing nearby. Scene switches with a boys’ back to the camera. Kneeling and playing with the fish slider play panel. Camera switches to a view of the top of the large blue slide from the playground decking. A boy rides down the wide slide. A second boy sits down at the top of the slide.]

Boy: I’m going to slide down!

[video: a man sits across from a young boy on a four-person seesaw. They teeter back and forth together. Scene switches to a top-down view from the playground decking the arched belted climber. One girl climbs to the center of the climber and stands upright. Camera switches to an elevated right to left pan of the BeachComber® play structure. Children climb and play on the unique belt bridges and climbers all connecting for a constant circle of play. Camera switches to a full elevated view of the BeachComber® structure. Playground posts reach up high inspire the look of ocean coral. Four girls stand together as they smile and wave to the camera with the play structure behind them. The screen fades to white as a black line appears on the center of the screen. The Flagship Recreation logo slides out to the right of the black line. Then the Landscape Structures logo slides out from the left of the line. Text below both logos read “For a better tomorrow we play today”. Screen fades to black and video ends.]

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