Safety Surfacing of Play Areas

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PebbleFlex® 2.0 and AquaFlex® Safety Breakthrough Surfacing

Design and Technology Rolled into One Safety Surfacing

Landscape Structures combines the benefits of design, technology and safety into a revolutionary, high-performance solution: PebbleFlex® 2.0 and AquaFlex®. They are one of the best safety surfacing options for your playground, water play and pool deck needs.

Unlike traditional poured-in-place surfacing, PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex,  Landscape Structures' products provided by Surface America, use a bond-in-place technology where engineered pebbles bond together to create surfaces that stand up to the demands of weather extremes and active use. They are resilient surfaces designed for endless play.

AF and PF

Color Your Safety Surface

PebbleFlex 2.0’s vibrant color options provide an almost endless array of choices to meet your needs. Choose from our standard blends of pebbles to create a playground or water play surface that truly complements your equipment. More colors are available upon request for custom blends.

PebbleFlex 2.0 Standard Color Blends

PebbleFlex® standard color blends

AquaFlex Standard Color Blends

AquaFlex® standard color blends

Colors shown in blends may appear different than the sample when installed over a large area.

Contact us for more information on PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex. 

Let Design Transform Your Play Space

With our bond-in-place surfacing, you can create virtually any custom graphics to capture a particular design—a city park's theme or a school's mascot. You can depend on the talents and knowledge of our professional design team to provide a solution that will please the eye for many years to come.

Stronger than Non-Bonded Rubber Granule Surfacing

PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex are composed of tiny spherical polyurethane pebbles that are abrasion resistant and UV stable. The pebbles are bonded together with a clear, flexible, aliphatic polyurethane binder—an exclusive process that is significantly stronger than typical non-bonded rubber granule surfacing.

A Safer Pool and Playground Surfacing Solution

With PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex skid-resistant surfacing, safety and play go hand-in-hand. Plus, PebbleFlex 2.0 is tested to accommodate fall heights of up to and including 12 feet, and meets all safety and accessibility standards. This high-impact attenuation results from a layer of recycled synthetic rubber. The thickness of the rubber varies depending upon the fall height requirements.

Uncompromising safety

Durable Play Surfacing That's Easy to Install

With a high-impact attenuation resulting from a cushion layer of recycled rubber, the life of PebbleFlex 2.0 surfacing is extended well beyond many other poured-in-place surfaces. The recycled rubber allows for natural expansion and contraction and is water permeable.

PebbleFlex 2.0 will be installed by our certified installers without costly demolition beforehand. These surfaces will cover concrete, asphalt or crushed stone aggregate per Landscape Structures specifications. AquaFlex must be installed over concrete or asphalt.


The surfaces withstand detergent cleaning solutions and sustain power washing of up to 2,800 psi with a fan spray tip. With a higher cleaning tolerance and longer life, both PebbleFlex 2.0 and AquaFlex dramatically reduce maintenance time and costs, extending the original look and feel of your playground surfacing.