Safety Play Surfacing Applications

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Pour-in-place surfacing is the best safety surfacing option for your playground or children’s play area. Its skid resistant surface works well in all applications and stands up to weather extremes and active use. The surface is easy to maintain and is UV resistant. Logos, colorful graphics and games can be added to support any themed play area or to create ballfields, zoo displays or sports and fitness areas.

Perhaps most importantly, rubberized surfacing makes any playspace inclusive, meaning children and visitors with mobility devices can easily access all equipment and traverse the space without the obstacles provided by loose-fill surfacing or sand.

Playground Surfacing

PebbleFlex® Playground Surfacing


Miracle League Ballfield with PebbleFlex® Surfacing

Sports & Fitness Surfacing

Sports Court with PebbleFlex® Surfacing


PebbleFlex® Surfacing on a Zoo Display

Porous and non-porous water play surfacing solutions are indispensable in transforming the safety, durability, maintenance, and overall aesthetic of aquatic spaces. These innovative surfacing options find application in a diverse range of settings, spanning from municipal water play areas to residential pools. Whether it's the dynamic environment of water parks, the engaging features of splash pads, the stylish pool surrounds, spa areas, or the practicality of locker rooms, these surfacing solutions have significant value.

One of the standout advantages of pour-in-place water play surfacing is its versatility. With a broad spectrum of colors and the option to customize designs, it offers endless possibilities to meet the unique requirements of any aquatic surface. This adaptability makes it the ideal choice for enhancing and elevating aquatic spaces, delivering safety and style hand in hand.

Municipal Facilities

AquaFlex® Surfacing for Municipal Community Pools

Pool Deck Surfacing

AquaFlex® Residential Pool Surfacing

Splash Pads

AquaFlex® Splash Pad Surfacing

Waterpark Surfacing

Surfacing for Residential Pools by AquaFlex®