Safety Play Surfacing Applications

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PebbleFlex® 2.0, a Landscape Structures product provided by Surface America, is the best safety surfacing option for your playground or children’s play area. PebbleFlex 2.0’s skid resistant surface works well in all applications and stands up to weather extremes and active use. The surface is easy to maintain and is UV resistant. Logos, colorful graphics and games can be added to support any themed play area or to create ballfields, zoo displays or sports and fitness areas.

Playground Surfacing

PebbleFlex® Playground Surfacing


Miracle League Ballfield with PebbleFlex® Surfacing

Sports & Fitness Surfacing

Sports Court with PebbleFlex® Surfacing


PebbleFlex® Surfacing on a Zoo Display

From municipal water play areas to residential pools, AquaFlex® water play safety surfacing, a Landscape Structures product provided by Surface America, enhances the safety, durability, maintenance and long-term appearance of your space. AquaFlex is perfect for all applications—large or small—and can incorporate unique, colorful designs to complement various play zones. Ideal water play applications include water parks, splash pads, pool surrounds, spa surrounds and locker rooms. It is available as both a porous system and as a non-porous system for indoor surfaces or for outdoor surfaces in states and municipalities that require it.

Municipal Facilities

AquaFlex® Surfacing for Municipal Community Pools

Pool Deck Surfacing

AquaFlex® Residential Pool Surfacing

Splash Pads

AquaFlex® Splash Pad Surfacing

Waterpark Surfacing

Surfacing for Residential Pools by AquaFlex®