200 Level Courses

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Our 200-Level CEU education seminars take learning about playground design to the next level. From what makes a playground "excellent" to how to incorporate the principles of Universal Design, these seminars go beyond the basics to dig into the bigger questions about the purpose of play, and how it serves all communities.

Are you looking to move beyond introductory level topics and gain greater levels of expertise in the latest topics around playground design? Explore the links below to see what courses suit your design goals.

All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time

Play isn't just for kids. Design so every generation can engage.

Design Excellence in Play

The latest understanding of how great playground design impacts community engagement.

Evidence-Based Landscape and Playground Design

What does the research say about the environment of play?

Innovation is Invitation: What's Next in Inclusive Play

Beyond the basics of playground accessibility - how to create true inclusion.

Inclusive Playground Design: A Case Study of Three New England Playgrounds

How inclusive design has impacted the lives of parents and children in real communities.

The Power of Color: Impacts on Mood, Feelings and Behaviors on the Playground

Color doesn't just make things pretty. It has a real impact on a play space.

Designing with Sensory Needs in Mind

How to attract and keep visitors with diverse sensory needs at your playground.