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Design Matters. Play Matters More.®

For us, "design refers to what a playstructure looks like as much as it does to the play value built into it. We simply cannot design one without the other. 

And for one good reason: Play value is what creates return visitors.

That's why Landscape Structures designs play environments to be newly fresh and exciting upon every visit. Children enjoy a hive of activity that sparks the imagination, facilitates discovery and lends itself to new adventure.

Integrated play opportunities ensure that there are always multiple options for a child's next move. Inclusive playspaces encourage children of all abilities to play alongside one another.

And so we ask ourselves: Is it extremely fun? Once a playground has captured a child's attention, does it hold their attention better than a video game? Does it cause them to return on a regular basis? Do they bypass other playgrounds to get to it? Does it imprint itself upon their memory and become part of their childhood story?

When those answers are yes, a destination playground has become a legend. By design.

Good Design Matters

We believe good playground design helps shape future generations.

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