Hedra Swing Frames

Swings Have Got a New Twist!

We've put a new twist on the traditional swing set design. The unique geometric appearance of the Hedra® Swing Frame lends visual interest to any play environment and matches the aesthetic of the Hedra® playstructures line.

Every play area needs a swing set, but this one is unlike any other swing set you've seen. Kids will be drawn to the twisty appearance and will want to see what swinging is like on such a unique frame.

Set two or more Hedra Swing Frames next to each other for a bendy, interlocking look. And vary the colors so that you have a multicolored swing station.

Swinging on the Hedra Swing Frame offers the physical and developmental benefits of any well-manufactured set. Children test their balance and develop their core muscles with each pump of their legs. The sensation of swinging is calming and soothing at the same time that it's energizing -- and children's brains appreciate that stimulation.

Select the type of seat you prefer to complete your Hedra Swing Frame set. Accommodates bucket seats, molded bucket seat and belt seat.