Toddler Swings

Toddler Swings are an excellent option to introduce swinging to toddlers. They are sized just right for littler playground visitors and provide the extra stability needed for toddlers to feel safe on the swing set.

Choose from the Arched Swing Frames which are made from resilient aluminum arches and a steel support beam, or the more compact "T"-shaped Toddler Swing Frame. Our models offer safety features such as anti-wrap around hangers and side sway-preventive angled chains so that toddlers have a safe as well as fun ride on the swing set.

The Arched Swing Frame offers additional bays so that multiple toddlers can swing at once, and the Toddler Swing Frame is also offered as an add-on beam to an existing swing set so toddlers can swing next to older kids.

Seats and chains are sold separately so you can choose the ideal options for the kids at your park.

Perfect for kids ages 2 to 3.