Part of our Site Furnishings offerings, litter and recycling receptacles as well as hand sanitizer stations are important elements to keep playgrounds clean and safe.

We offer attractive receptacle options for your park or playground. Garbage cans and recycling bins come in both the Play-Naturally line and the Vivid line, which are appealing designs to complement your playground area. The Play-Naturally line includes the Wood-Grain receptacles, and features products with a woodsy, nature-inspired look that helps them blend into the surrounding environment.

The Vivid line features the Kaleidoscope trash and recycling bins, which are brightly colored, and are perfect accessories to a more traditional play area like PlayBooster®, PlayShaper® and PlaySense®. 

To complete the safety and cleanliness of any playground, place a hand sanitizer station in easy reach of the play area.

Explore these unique and functional site furnishing options below.