Picnic Tables

A picnic table is the perfect multifunctional feature for your playground, park, church or school!

Not only do kids need to play, but they also need to rest and revive. A picnic table next to the playground is the perfect spot for kids to take a quick breather. Caregivers will also appreciate a picnic table as they can sit and relax while supervising kids at play.

Picnic tables at your park allow the fun to last for longer. Families can catch a healthy lunch while the kids take a break from the playground...and then the kids can go back for a second round of play!

All of our picnic tables are made from durable, long-lasting materials. From recycled polyethylene that looks like lumber, to the extra-hardy TenderTuff™, our materials and construction will stand up to harsh weather elements and heavy use. 

Choose from different shapes and sizes of tables or select inclusive configurations that accommodate visitors in wheelchairs.