SkyWays Hip

Hip, Hip, Hooray

SkyWays® Hip shade structures offer massive shade options for any environment - playground shade, outdoor seating, pool surrounds and nearby buildings. That means families can enjoy lunch on a sunny day, or caregivers can comfortably watch children at the playground. The protection provided by SkyWays structures has been proven to keep areas up to 30-degrees cooler. Cooler space translates to more time in the outdoors for both adults and children.

Shades are an attractive way to add some color to your environment. Shades come in a variety of fabric colors, and posts can be painted with any ProShield® finish.

SkyWays Hip shades are available in a wide variety of sizes. Don't see the size you're looking for? Hip shades can be custom designed over 40' x 40'.

Shades under 40' x 40' are available with patented Rapid Release® which is an ideal technology for quick removal of the shade for cleaning, or seasonal transitions.