More Playground Shade Structures

Keep kids cool in the sun with our CoolToppers shade options!

CoolToppers® freestanding shade structures offer a generous area of shade to block out UV rays, keeping kids cool and safe. Shade structures are an important consideration for any outdoor area so that visitors to your park, playground or outdoor recreation area can stay comfortable when it's hot out. CoolToppers shades block up to 97-percent of UV rays and can keep play areas up to 30-degrees cooler. That means protection from both sun and heat!

CoolToppers Full Sail is a four-post, pyramid-shaped shade structure that provides plenty of shade for picnic tables or a seating area below. The Single Post Pyramid uses slightly less space due to its single post, but still offers a good amount of shade to a compact area.

The Cool Mister Single Post and Cool Toppers Single Post with Mister offer a fun and refreshing way to stay cool on a hot day! With the touch of a button, two spray nozzles give off a cooling mist of water to refresh overheated visitors when it's steamy out. 

Enjoy exploring these options to stay cool in the sun!