Lights, sounds, ACTION!

Pulse® multisensory commercial playground games encourage movement in an exciting new way. Stimulating LED light patterns and sounds help kids develop hand-eye coordination, action/reaction skills and move their muscles.

Pulse Tennis uses no ball or net! Kids use their hands to touch the sensor when it lights, and they take turns chasing the light as it bounces from post to post. This fast-paced interactive game keeps kids moving until the match point!

Pulse Table Tennis is also loads of fun. Kids touch the sensors as they light up, and the game gets faster and faster over time. Ideal for therapeutic settings, this game is accessible to children in mobility devices and is a great addition to any playground.

Pulse Tempo brings music and movement to the playground. Kids listen for the musical tone, chase the light and then are rewarded with a sound and light show. This game is great for solo or collaborative play.

Whether creating a new playground or refreshing an existing one, bright and active Pulse will have kids racing back for more fun. See the options below.