Roofs are an ideal topper for sensory-filled freestanding learning walls. Kids can play hide-and-seek under a roof-covered collection of panels or they can seek shelter under a roof on a sunny day. It's important to incorporate shade in your play system because not only do children need play, but they need a place to cool down after the hard work of physical activity. Roofs can also extend play times outdoors in particularly warm climates or on hot days.

Our roofs are made from durable, double-walled polyethylene, so they will last through the harshest of elements to give you many years of bright colors and resilient construction. Each of our square roof styles come free with a Permalene® logo so you can name your learning wall center for all park visitors to see.

Not only are our roofs functional, but they are styled to appear like real tile or shingled roofs, giving them an attractive quality that accents any play space. Add a pop of color with a roof to give your playstructure some pizzazz.