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Take Indoor Learning Outdoors

​Now more than ever, there is a need for outdoor learning environments that provide plenty of space between students as communities safely get back to learning in-person. With our innovative equipment and design expertise we can create a functional outdoor space that will serve both as an innovative outdoor classroom and an interactive learning area. 

Outdoor Classroom Design Concepts

We've created some sample outdoor classroom concepts that are not only a good option to explore during this global COVID-19 pandemic, but they are a great way for school campuses to expand their learning space for use well into the future.

Courtyard Layout

Consider with or without shade

View Courtyard Layout Larger

Atrium Layout

Consider with or without shade

View Atrium Layout Larger

Desk Concept

Portable design offers a hook for students to hang their backpack and shelf to store classroom materials.

View Permalene® Desk Color Options

Outdoor Learning Environment Examples

In addition to a traditional classroom layout, outdoor classrooms encourage exploration but provide more structure and connect what children learn inside to what they explore outside. Gardens, musical instruments, stage and performance areas, art areas, outdoor fitness and more give your child the opportunity to engage in fun, hands-on activities while discovering specific areas of learning. The New York Times' recently reported how schools across American are moving classrooms outdoors.

Below are a few examples of outdoor learning areas we've designed.

Equipment for Outdoor Learning Designs

By utilizing playground equipment elements, you can reinvent your traditional indoor classrooms and bring them outdoors! Outdoor classrooms will allow you to create more space to spread out for students, create variation in your teaching forms, provide a much needed mask break and provide children the opportunity to experience the benefits of outdoor learning.

Shade Structures

SkyWays® shade structures are available in a variety of heights, lengths, and coverage areas to fit any space and budget, to create a comfortable and safe learning environment.

View Shade Shapes & Sizes

Play Healthy® Hand Sanitizer Station

Available in metallic silver only or choose your ProShield® color. Personalize to your school with an optional custom logo or artwork.

View Hand Sanitizer Station

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